Day 5: Rainy day in Osaka

The weather was pretty miserable today. We woke up early this morning with the intention of going to Kyoto, but the weather was just so wet and cold. The dreary gray skies left us feeling pretty uninspired  about venturing out, but we sat down with the Kyoto map to pick some locations while eating breakfast… but we never went. We ended up cuddling until we nodded off again, and then just spent the better part of the day cozy and warm in our futons.

Sometime in the middle of the afternoon we decided to brave the rain and head out… it is going to be raining all week from the looks of it, so we might as well get use to being wet! So, we looked up the location of an anime store for Sean and headed for the bus stop across the street.

We took the bus to Osaka Station and then walked to Umeda, where we stopped for something to eat. We ended up at a kushikatsu restaurant in the Hep Navio building. Kushikatsu is basically deep fried meat and veggies that you cook yourself. Each table is fitted with a small deep fryer and there are several cold cases filled with various items skewered on little wooden sticks. You pick out whatever you want, bread it, and stick it in your personal little fryer. You are given one hour to eat as much as you can… the only catch to this is that the food is covered it hot oil so if you don’t wait for it to cool down you will burn your tongue… so of course we both are still suffering a little with seared tongues. The meal was awesome and we will probably end up doing it again later in the trip.

After stuffing ourselves full of fried meat and veggies we walked further into Umeda, looking for an anime store (Mandarake) that Sean wanted to visit. Shockingly enough found it very easily, although we did end up walking through the red light district to get there… that was interesting.

Sean seemed pleased with the store initially, but then looked sad when he only found a few Macross 7 toys. He did buy a blue VF-19 and a stand though, so at least the trip wasn’t for nothing.

That was pretty much the bulk of our day… after that we did some more shopping (back to Yodobashi!) and then ended up back at the yakiniku restaurant we ate at the other day. We enjoyed it, but declared that we are not allowed to eat it again for a while because we want to try as many new things as we can.

We are putting up some photos, but they will probably be pretty boring since we didn’t do much photo-worthy today. Maybe we will do more tomorrow. We are thinking we may brave the weather and try to go to some indoor things in Kyoto.

Oh, Monday we go to Arima Onsen Resort! We can’t wait to see what kind of massage packages they offer..