Day 22: Shipping and Sushi

Today we had to ship out some of the goods we purchased. There were 2 large boxes to send home, and we did not feel like lugging them to the post office on a bus, so Hiro called the post office to come get them. The post office pickup guy was late coming to the apartment and then would not wait for Robyn to fill out the forms, telling us to have it ready in three hours. We ended up just lugging them to the post office anyways, and emailed Hiro to call off the next postman visit.

After sending the goodies home, we headed out for lunch at a sushi place we spied a couple nights. In the front of the restaurant is a large fish tank, full of lunch swimming around waiting to be prepared. There was also a fish tank on the inside with different fish. The salmon there was the best I’ve had yet. The other types were pretty good too, the fish tasted very fresh. It’s like the difference between eating the day’s catch when you visit the beach versus thawing out frozen fish and frying it yourself.

Sushi places are a little different than back home – there are no “special” rolls at all that I have seen. Just nigiri sushi, and a few roll type pieces. I do miss spicy tuna rolls – I have not found them in any of the sushi places we have eaten at so far. Although, the tekkamaki (tuna rolls) we had at lunch did have a fair amount of wasabi hidden inside, so they had a little kick.

We were really close to an arcade, so we stopped in for some more gaming before heading out to the “Relax” spa for our reflexology massages. We had to wait when we got there, and I was falling asleep in the lounge. When they took me back to the room and put the towel over my eyes it was really hard not to sleep. Once the girl started rubbing my feet it was lights out. I woke up a few times when she would really dig into the pressure points, and think I could hear Robyn snoring lightly in the room next to me. So we fully lived up to the namesake of the place, and relaxed.

Later on we walked back to one of the areas full of restaurants, and Robyn picked up lots of goodies on the way. We found a busy kaitenzushi place and decided it looked good enough to stop in for sushi – again. I was pretty tired and grumpy at this point, but a few pieces of shrimp, salmon, tuna, and a beer cheered me right up. We managed to stack up quite a few plates, but everyone around us had way more. The place reminded me of Sushi-Thai in Raleigh because it was kind of bargain sushi, but it was tastier and all-you-can-eat!