Day 11: Awww it broke

Today we didn’t really do much that was picture worthy. We slept in, and then hung around the apartment for a while being lazy. After a while we headed back to Den Den Town in search of Macross toys for Sean. It didn’t take us long to find a store that sold what he wanted. We spent a while there while he wandered in circles trying to decide what to buy, as there were lots of options and no way we could bring that many large boxes back home.

After he finally made his decision we headed back out into Den Den Town to look at some more shops, although it felt a little pointless since we already had what we were looking for. We found several more stores that were packed full of neat things, including one store that sold nothing but robots… toys, models, and actual working robot toys.

Our lunch was pretty boring… we were starving and happened to find ourselves outside of a McDonald’s. We decided we might as well try it out. Sadly, I think the person behind the counter spoke about as much English as the people back home do. Ordering was a little bumpy because the lady seemed to want to try to do it in English, although her vocabulary was limited to “no” “only” “I’m sorry” and the names for ingredients. We got what we wanted though, so I guess it worked out okay. We had intended to try out some of the Japanese items on the menu, but once we were inside the cravings for a cheeseburger won out and we ended up with a couple double cheeseburgers, fries, and coke.

After lunch we headed back to the apartment so we could drop off our loot… which was a huge box containing Sean’s Valkyrie, a smaller box with a tachikoma toy, and some small toys we grabbed for other people.

Our brief stop turned into a few hours while I played my new DS Taiko game and Sean played with (and promptly broke) his new $150 valkyrie. He is now very sad. It isn’t too bad though… just the arm. So it still looks okay in some modes and we might be able to fix it with some glue later on. He keeps saying (vehemently) that these toys are notoriously easy to break and swears that every kid that ever got one broke it within 3 minutes. I don’t really believe him. Hopefully the tachikoma will be harder to break…

For dinner we continued the American food trend and headed over to Hard Rock. Yes, I know Hard Rock started in Britain, but it was founded by Americans so I still consider it American food. Their menu is not quite the same as the American locations… no steaks and such, but they do have plenty of burgers and other American-type foods, as well as some Asian style food.

Hard Rock was incredibly loud, but the music was pretty good so we didn’t mind. It is also refreshing to go to a restaurant where it seems mandatory for the staff to speak English… although our waitress seemed to be the only one that wasn’t very good at it. Not that it mattered, we are use to ordering with Japanese and she couldn’t hear us anyway. We made due with some shouted phrases and menu pointing.

The only thing really worth noting about dinner (besides how tasty the food was) is the incredibly embarrassing show they made for two patrons’ birthdays. I thought what they did in America was bad enough! Their was a DJ, who got out of his little booth with a microphone and starting rambling loudly in Japanese about birthdays while some birthday song played loudly. They then called up the two ladies who were there to celebrate their birthdays, and put them in a bright spotlight. I couldn’t follow what was going on, but they made them speak into a microphone… I probably couldn’t have even understood if it was in English because of the noise level and the rushed speech. They then made everyone clap in time and yell “Happy Birthday!” several times on the count of three while the rest of the staff gathered around with tambourines. Remind me never to go to Hard Rock for my birthday!

After dinner we grabbed some requested souvenirs from the gift shop and headed to Umeda Sky Building for some views of the city lights. We ended up getting there with less than an hour before they closed, but that was ok. It was windy and cold up there, so I don’t think I would have wanted to spend much more time there anyway. As it was, our pictures are rushed… and given that we aren’t very skilled with the DSLR yet, most of the pictures turned out pretty crappy. We put some of the better pictures up.

We are also posting some photos of Sean’s new toys…


Update: Sean keeps asking me to post an update about how flimsy the toy is and how it really isn’t his fault. I must say that, yes, I did play with it briefly tonight when he asked me to fix some other things he nearly broke, and yes, it is very flimsy. I barely touched one of the panels over the landing gear and it popped inward causing me to have to pry it out again… which is exactly the thing Sean had asked me to fix with another panel.

However, I also must say that when he first opened the box he was complaining about no instructions… which lead to him not knowing the legs came off, which caused him to break the arm. When he first said there were no instructions I thought it odd and asked him if he had actually looked… he said he had. I should have known better. Just now he found the instruction booklet and lots of decals. Go figure.