Cross Stitch & Stuff

I just added a “Hand Sewn” page to the site, and am working on rearranging things a bit. I think the “Felt & Wool” page will go away… so things are a bit in flux right now. I have already added three of my hand sewn projects to the page, but still need to move my hand made felt stuff over.

This hand sewing thing has proved to be a lot of fun; I am really enjoying it. I think Sean is annoyed though, since he got me a really nice sewing machine for Christmas. I really do still use the sewing machine though, I am just… broadening my skill sets. Yeah, that’s it. There are plenty of things to make that combine sewing machines and hand stitching, like the Totoro I made, and the Summer Love quilt. Admittedly though, my projects are leaning more heavily towards the hand-stitched currently.

The last project I completed was a cross stitched Geisha portrait. This was made from a cross stitch kit that has been sitting in my closet for years. I think I got it when we lived in Cary back in 2005? Or maybe I have even had it since Greenville. Cross stitch was always one of those things that I liked doing, but lost interest in quickly once I actually started a project. It just takes too long to complete anything! So between that and the fact that I didn’t really like the pattern, it got shoved in a closet and nearly forgotten.

However, I finished all my hand sewing projects and was hankering for another… so I dug this one out and decided to make it. As usual I was pretty bored with it halfway through, but I powered on and completed it. Now I am once again wanting for a hand sewn project, but not for lack of trying.

Close up

Had this frame lying around, so why not?
Had this frame lying around, so why not?

I ordered everything I needed for some other projects, but when I went to pull the threads out for one of the projects I discovered they hadn’t sent one of the pearl cottons I ordered. Blarg! At least they shipped it out fast enough when I told them about it, but it won’t be here until Tuesday. I also have been trying to get the thread kit for my Geranium Baskets since early August… it finally shipped a few days ago. While I love Primitive Gatherings’ products, I decidedly do not love ordering from them.

Although, I guess it is good that I have to wait on those threads though. It forces me to work on my Elegance quilt, which I am way behind on. There are some updates on that page as well, including pictures of July and August’s blocks. Normally I don’t add photos of the blocks to that page until I have completed all of them for that month, but since I was updating the site I decided to go ahead and update that page.