Level Up: Crawling! + Bonus Level: Pulling Up!

This is Anna pulling up on her changing table
Anna pulling up on her changing table

As of Tuesday, March 4, Anna is officially crawling. She had been trying to crawl for a while before that, but as soon as she figured out how to sit she stopped trying to crawl for a couple weeks. It was like every time she started to push up on all fours her butt would somehow find its way back to the floor and she would just sit. So we worked with her, placing toys a little out of her reach to encourage her to crawl for them.

A few days before she mastered the art of crawling, she would only crawl when distracted. We would get a toy she really liked, and then slowly move it (like a carrot on a stick) and she would crawl after it. However, as soon as she tried to think about how to crawl for something she would just end up sitting on her butt again.

Enter: The Book.

That weekend we made a trip out to Buy Buy Baby for some needed things, and while we were there we picked up a couple new books for her. One of them was ‘Say Moo?’ by Fischer Price. We were completely unprepared for her reaction to this book. I don’t know what it is about it, but she loves the cover. As soon as she sees it she lights up, and it was this book that spurred her to crawl across the room. Now all you have to do is show it to her and she will speed across the room, plowing through everything in her path, just to get a hold of it. Unfortunately it is cardboard and she just wants to chew on it, but still, it is adorable to watch her get so excited over it.

Tuesday morning I played with her in the floor before mom (aka Grandma, aka The Nanny) took over, and I knew she was really close to crawling. She would crawl a foot or so for that book if you moved it across the floor in front of her, but still wasn’t crawling without the proverbial carrot. I told mom she would be crawling by the end of the day if she gave her plenty of floor time, and sure enough, Anna was crawling within hours. I am so glad I got to work from home that day!

And what is more, Anna is also pulling up now. She pulled up once in her crib about a week before she started crawling, but hadn’t really reproduced the feat since. But last night she was pulling up on everything she could get her little hands on. It started with a little wooden crate that her toys are in, I turned my back for two seconds and when I looked back she was standing up digging through the toys. Then she was pulling up on the changing table to play with things on the shelves, and then again in her crib.

It won’t be much longer before she is trying to walk! Already she is “walking” when we hold her hands, and it seems to make her incredibly happy. I can’t believe she is already doing these things. She is only 6 months (+ 1 week) old! I really didn’t expect her to be pulling up until closer to 8 months. Looks like we better get her one of those walking toys soon, I will have to see if they make one that can be stationary for pulling up on so that she has something to play with while standing up. Last night it was the q-tip box and the diaper bin on the changing table shelves… I would rather her have some toy I don’t have to worry about.