Christmas is when?

It totally does not feel like Christmas. The weather isn’t helping either. Nonetheless, we got our Christmas tree yesterday. It was kind of an adventure, but not a very exciting one.

Sean really really wanted white LED Christmas lights. Like, really wanted. Although apparently white lights are nearly impossible to find this close to Christmas. I was fine with just getting color lights, but Sean wasn’t having any of that.

The quest for lights started Saturday night when we stopped at the Target near our house on the way home. They had hardly any lights at all, so then we went next door to Lowes. Their light selection was nearly nonexistent. Sunday we first went to Wal-Mart (despite my plea to not go to that awful place) where the cashier pretty much laughed at us and said we should have gotten them in October.

From there it was off to the North Hills Target. That store actually had a pretty good selection of lights left, but no warm white LEDs. They did have a few boxes of the round cool white LED lights, but I don’t like those at all. They had some lights lit up on display, and I tried to talk Sean into the colors and he nearly said yes… but I could tell he didn’t really want them. While we stood there in the aisle debating the different lights, at least two other people were muttering about not finding white lights.

Then it was off to Home Depot. Again, no white lights and when we left empty handed the cashier even said, “Looking for white lights?” in a tone that said she had seen a steady stream of people searching for the elusive white Christmas lights. After that Sean had just about had it, but we were near Ace so I convinced him to give them a shot before we gave up entirely. Ace is one of those surprising places that often has things you are looking for, if only because most people forget about them and just go to the larger stores.

Shockingly, Ace had all sorts of lights. We were able to pick up several spools of warm white LEDs and restore Sean’s happy holiday spirit. I even remembered to pick up ornament hooks, which I typically don’t remember until I am hanging ornaments… and the only reason I remembered was because they were conveniently hanging across from the lights. So Ace is our current hero of retail. It makes me want to go stand in the light aisle at Target and tell all the people searching for white lights to go to Ace.

Getting the tree was pretty easy, especially with the truck, but setting it up was another minor adventure because we decided to see if there was a way we could arrange the living room to make the tree work in there. Long story short: there isn’t. So after rearranging and un-rearranging the furniture in the living room the tree ended up where it always has… shoved in the corner of the bay window in the kitchen.