I had originally given notice that my last day would be June 1, but decided to leave a day early. All my work was done and I was ready to move on. There are definitely some things I will miss, but I look forward to my new job. I am both eager for Monday to come, and a bit nervous. It will be a bit strange, going back to work at the American Tobacco Campus. A little like taking a step back in time.

When I got home though, my happy state was a bit damaged… I dropped my phone in the garage, shattering the back. Hopefully it isn’t an ill omen. I am grateful it was just the back, and not the front! That means a $29 fix versus $250. So tomorrow I will be heading to the Genius Bar for a replacement back plate, instead of sleeping in and relaxing. It is super easy to replace the back, but it voids the warranty. I am hoping that if Apple does it, the warranty will remain intact.

There isn’t much else to report really. I have just been keeping busy with my usual stuff. My store of canned goods is growing rapidly, and I will soon have to come up with a new storage plan for it. I am thinking guest room closet, or under the bed like my great-grandma use to do. Our tomato plants are getting large, and there are even a few tiny, green tomatoes on some of them. I will have to take photos soon! I am afraid to be hopeful about them, but maybe we can succeed in growing at least a couple tomatoes. Our herbs also seem to be doing well and our shishito pepper plants seem to be trying to produce some blossoms, but the plants are not very large.