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Pinehurst Day 2

I sure hope my company decides to make this Pinehurst thing a tradition. It was pretty awesome. Today we laid around, and finally “woke up” around 8:40 and ordered room service for breakfast. I got the continental and Sean got steak and eggs. Sean’s food was awesome, and he shared with me. My breakfast was tasty too, it had some very yummy chocolate danish and a cinnamon roll, as well as fresh fruit and hot tea. The steak was definitely the winner though, and the hashbrowns it came with were some of the best I have had in a long while.

We then got dressed and packed so we could check out on our way to the spa. The front desk kept our bags for us so we didn’t have to run to the car in the rain, and it turned out breakfast was included in our package even though we did room service instead of the buffet. So that was awesome. There were no charges at all for us to pay, and we headed to the spa.

Sean seemed to enjoy his pedicure and manicure, and I definitely enjoyed my massage. They even gave me a soft little stuffed lamb toy with a rattle in it for the baby. My manicure was nice just because I got my long nails cut off, although I honestly wasn’t that impressed with it. We had also ordered our lunch delivered to the spa while we were checking in, and it arrived right on time. It wasn’t quite as good as breakfast, but was still tasty. We paid for that with the lunch vouchers we were given, and I used the excess funds to give the poor delivery girl (soaked from rain) a tip in addition to the built-in gratuity. There was a slight mix up with our bill, but they straightened it out for us without any hassle. They had charged my massage to our room rather than the corporate account. The confusion happened because we used our gift cards to buy a robe, pay for Sean’s services, and to pay for a manicure for me. So they just charged everything from the day together, without realizing that part of it would be charged to my company.

Once we were done with our lunch we headed back to the front desk to pay the overages and gather our luggage. Again there was a mix up with the bill that needed to be straightened out, as we had been charged for the lunch. But they took care of it quickly and without any fuss. So our entire Pinehurst adventure ended up costing us $21 out of pocket. I think that is a fair price :) Overall it was a great trip, despite the few small bumps with bills being charged incorrectly… but the customer service was so great it wasn’t that big of a deal. The best part is that we feel like we had a weekend away, but it is only Friday so we still have our whole weekend!


This is my first non-baby related post in a while. So if you were looking for another baby update… um, well, I am still pregnant and stuff.

To celebrate a milestone, my company has taken us all to Pinehurst. Unlike when they took us to Busch Gardens last year, this time we got to bring our spouses. I am so glad Sean could come this time! There were lots of activities to choose from, and everyone got to choose one activity for each day… although unfortunately most of the ones Sean wanted to do were canceled.

Today he went clay shooting, but the things he wanted to do tomorrow didn’t work out. His first choice was the wind tunnel (like skydiving without the falling), and when that didn’t work he switched to a Segway tour… and then that didn’t work either so now he is going to hang out at the spa with me tomorrow. As for me, I chose the spa for both days. Today I did a pedicure, and tomorrow I will have a massage and manicure.

The spa here is awesome, I could totally fall in love with this place if I had the money to come here often. I might would even take up golf or something just to have an excuse. It is such a relaxing place, I could hang out and just read for hours by the pool. I am looking forward to my massage tomorrow!

Sean also reported having a great day at the range, and it seems he made some new friends. Everyone kept coming up to me at dinner to tell me how well he did. I think if there is anyway he can get back out to the range again tomorrow, he will. I don’t think he is really looking forward to his spa day as much as I am, but I have a feeling he will enjoy it once he gets there.

I am not really sure how tomorrow will work out. There is a breakfast buffet, but I think we might do room service instead. And we were told we would get a box lunch, but then they gave us a certificate for lunch at any of the restaurants. I guess we could always order lunch delivered at the spa too, but I don’t know when we will have time to eat with spa appointments keeping us busy from about 11 to 1. I guess we will have to research our food options in the morning.

We also have some gift cards to use up, but that shouldn’t be too hard given the prices around here. I was surprised that they gave us both a gift card to cover incidentals, I had expected them to only give one. We have already used up $33 (plus tax and service charge, whatever that comes to) just on M&M’s, nuts, and a bottle of water from the “refreshment center” in our room. And there are no shortage of gift shops here if we have any funds left on the gift cards after we check out tomorrow.

Last Day in California

Today is the last full day in California. I look forward to being back home with my critters, only worrying about one time zone, and getting back into a routine; but I definitely do not look forward to being back in the office. I will miss being able to work from the privacy of my hotel room. Not only is it quiet, but I don’t have to worry about juggling pregnancy symptoms while appearing professional and productive. This week I have had the luxury of working while lounging in pajamas, curled up on the bed or in the comfy (ish) chair in the hotel room. The days I have thrown up I could just go hang out in the bathroom for a bit without worrying about people wondering where I was, or if people were hearing me hork. I have now told my bosses at work, but no one else. I really don’t want to have to soothe people’s concerns upon hearing the lovely sounds of throwing up, which I know people will be able to hear if they are near the bathroom walls. I suppose I could always just tell anyone that asks me the truth, but I am still reluctant to make announcements until after the first trimester.

Next week I have to wake up and get presentable, then drive to work hoping I don’t have to vomit while driving. Then I get to sit at my desk all day even when I just want to curl up and take a nap, again hoping that I don’t have to vomit. Except when I am sitting in meetings and hoping I don’t have any sudden need to vomit. Pregnancy has also been messing with my IBS, which is another added layer of fun and anxiety. Please let the morning sickness pass quickly! As awful as I have been feeling I might have to ask for Zofran, but I was hoping to avoid taking medicine.

7 Weeks

Today marks the beginning of 7 weeks and I really want to throw up, but not sure it would make me feel any better. Food is beginning to lose its appeal, but I am still making myself eat. And eating isn’t really helping the nausea as much as it was even a couple days ago. At least I am hanging out in a hotel room this week, and not in the office. I guess I will have to tell them soon so they know why I look like I want to curl up under my desk when I get back to the office.

What To Expect – 7 Weeks

When I woke up this morning I actually felt fine for a while, I also felt fine the several times I woke up during the night. The time zones are a little of a challenge this week since I have to work on eastern time while living on pacific time this week. The going to bed early last night was no trouble at all as tired as I am lately, but operating in two time zones has been strange. When it is lunch time for me, they are still only serving breakfast here. So I ate breakfast twice today. Once at 6:30 and again at 10:30, Cali time. I wanted to hold out for real lunch food at 11:30, but I just couldn’t wait any more. The first breakfast mostly helped with the nausea, but the second has done very little. Ugh, if this keeps up I might have to ask for a Zofran prescription to keep around. Maybe I shouldn’t have had orange juice with breakfast #2, maybe it was too acidic.

I have also developed an aversion to eggs. Yesterday we both had poached eggs with our breakfast, and they were pretty runny. One look at the gooey yellow center and I could no longer stomach the thought of eggs. I scooped mine off the plate and hid it under a napkin, and made Sean turn his around so I couldn’t see the yolk. Just thinking about it now makes me queasier. And I am not sure it if was still the fresh memory of those runny eggs or if I am just off eggs in general, but I couldn’t bring myself to even open the buffet cover on the eggs when I had my second breakfast, and the quiche looked beyond unappealing. And then the wait staff kept asking me if I wanted an omelet!

San Francisco

I am so tired.

We have had a very full couple of days. Yesterday morning we went to the OB for the first visit. They went over our insurance coverage (which is thankfully very good), drew blood (5 vials!), and the prenatal nurse took our history and gave us a kind of crash course introduction to pregnancy as well as some Enfamil swag and various reading material.

After that we ran home so I could quickly pack my bag for the trip. I had already packed Sean’s the night before and gotten some of my stuff together, but still needed to pack my own bag. I was just finishing when Sean’s mom came a little early to take us to the airport. Call it pregnancy brain or just being rushed, but I completely forgot to grab my coat from the car… which had my bank card in the pocket. Didn’t think about that until we were at the airport. Great.

By the time we got to the airport I was getting pretty hungry. And these days hungry means nauseous. That was something I am learning to balance, having to eat small amounts almost constantly with a goal of six small meals a day. So far I have still not actually thrown up, but I have certainly felt like I was tipping closer to that the past couple days. Luckily between the food I was able to grab at the RDU and ATL airports, the cheese and fruit tray I got on the airplane, and the snacks I packed I was able to mostly keep the nausea tolerable. The fatigue though… ugh.

I was so exhausted by the time we got to San Francisco. The flight was so uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep at all. We got to the hotel about 10 minutes to 11pm, which is 2am for us. And we were both hungry. There is no way I can ignore being hungry these days, especially not at bed time. We were both too tired to go out and find food, so we managed to sneak in a room service order before they closed at 11. It was totally not worth what we paid, but the food was surprisingly good. The best salmon I have had in a very long time! And the ramen was delicious.

We are staying at Hotel Kabuki, which is adjacent to the Japan Center mall in Japan Town. The hotel is looking a bit worn, and the prices for some things are quite ridiculous. For instance, the “honor bar” in our room has $4 Snickers bars and $8 bottles of water. But the bed is comfortable and the staff is friendly. And we can’t beat the location for Japan Town. The only other hotel in this area is this crazy anime themed place.

Today we had a tasty breakfast at the hotel and then went out to do a little exploring in the Japan Center. Ermahgerd! This place is wonderful. We might have gone a little overboard while shopping. And there are so many restaurants! It is hard to choose! There is also a little stand that sells tea and mochi… they have the best warabi mochi I have ever had. It was so good that we had to go back for seconds later in the day.

After walking all over the Japan Center I was pretty wiped out. When we dropped our loot off at the hotel I ended up taking a nap, which helped tremendously. When we woke up we decided to venture out to the Old Navy store to see if they had any coats left, since it was getting pretty chilly. Driving in San Francisco really is an adventure with all the hills, traffic, one way streets, pedestrians, lack of parking, etc. We found Old Navy pretty easily with the help of Google Maps, but we only had to circle the block twice before we found parking.

The store we went to is apparently the flagship store, and is huge. It is a three stories, each one a little larger than the stores back home. Despite that, they only had one coat left in my size. I actually really like the coat, but it is orange! It is growing on me, but I definitely would never have chosen an orange coat. I couldn’t argue with the $20 price tag though. We also found a coat for Sean to wear over his hoodie because he was pretty cold too, and some hoodies that say San Francisco on them to fill the souvenir obligation. Then it was back to Japan Town for more yummy food.

After all the walking I am exhausted, despite my nap. I guess it is really midnight by eastern time. Time to crawl into bed!