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Posts that are about this site itself… set up, changes, testing features, things of that nature.

Starting to get the old content up

I am working on getting the old content up on the new site. I found a way to import via RSS, but stupid iWeb doesn’t seem to allow more than 50 posts in an RSS feed so I might end up having to do the rest manually. But, thanks to being slackers, 50 posts takes us back to October of 2008. I just need to go through all of those and get the formatting right, edit the categories/author/etc, and see what I want to do about the images in the posts.

Then comes the fun of figuring out the rest of the posts… and then the photo galleries and other pages. Just bear with me, I will get there eventually.

Update: I started correcting the formatting of the posts and managed to make it through March of 2010. The import lost most of the spacing between paragraphs and such, so I have to go through and fix all that. I haven’t even begun worrying about the missing images yet. Although working on the site is really good for my crafting skills in SWTOR… As I sat here inserting P and BR tags I sent my alt’s companion out to craft stuff. So now I have a level 11 (of 50) Sith with a 370 (of 400) Cybertech skill. At this rate I can hit 400 tomorrow and start leveling up my other skills. Sean just walked in, looked over my shoulder, and said, “so nerdy.” Oh well, I think it is time to queue up some work for the SWTOR companions and call it a night!

Update #2: Got the rest of the old posts that are already up formatted, and I have started on getting the older posts up now. The basic plan is to get all the text in, and then worry about photos once I get all of the blog posts up. So if you are wanting to dig through our old posts, you might want to wait a little while.  Oh, and I maxed out my Cybertech skill and have started working on my Treasure Hunting :)

Made some changes…

Ok, you can probably see the site is a lot different than it was. The theme I had before was pretty, but difficult to work with. I just found this one which seems much more newb-friendly. I have already made some changes, and spotted other things I need to work on… but hopefully this theme will be a keeper. For a while at least.

Right now though, it is nearly midnight! I don’t have time to work on this now… but hopefully over the next few days I can get it how I like it. Then comes the fun of importing all of our old site’s content.

Reading up on themes

Sorry that no progress has been made on the site for a couple days. I picked up a book on WordPress themes Friday night and have been reading it a bit today. I haven’t had time to make it very far in the book yet, but I have learned enough to start forming some plans for customizing this template. I might end up needing to also get books on PHP, HTML, and/or CSS. But for now I will see how far this book and Google can get me.

So far I am pleased with WordPress and HostGator. HostGator has a good control panel and has been easy to work with. I am also pleased with the flexibility WordPress offers. Kind of wish I had switched to this platform years ago, but iWeb was just so damned easy. And so damned limiting, but the easy part helped me overlook that fact.

I did however get a few of the links working up top, so I did make a little progress! The archive plug in I used is not playing very nicely with the stylesheet though, so I am playing around with ideas about that. Just need to learn a bit more before I can implement any of those ideas though.

There isn’t much else to report around here. The most “exciting” part of our day was waking up to an ant invasion. That is always fun. So we spent a while fighting them off, and seem to have mostly won the war. Ants don’t fair so well against a combination of Terro and a Dyson. We still keep finding stray ants though, so we cannot declare victory just yet.


Another work photo

Still adding some content to fluff up the site for testing. This is a shot of the skylight above my desk. I sit under the upside-down umbrella in the foreground. We have the umbrellas there to block the sun. Soon they will add some shades to help… it is really only a problem for about an hour in the afternoon.