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Posts that are about this site itself… set up, changes, testing features, things of that nature.

Cross Stitch & Stuff

I just added a “Hand Sewn” page to the site, and am working on rearranging things a bit. I think the “Felt & Wool” page will go away… so things are a bit in flux right now. I have already added three of my hand sewn projects to the page, but still need to move my hand made felt stuff over.

This hand sewing thing has proved to be a lot of fun; I am really enjoying it. I think Sean is annoyed though, since he got me a really nice sewing machine for Christmas. I really do still use the sewing machine though, I am just… broadening my skill sets. Yeah, that’s it. There are plenty of things to make that combine sewing machines and hand stitching, like the Totoro I made, and the Summer Love quilt. Admittedly though, my projects are leaning more heavily towards the hand-stitched currently.

The last project I completed was a cross stitched Geisha portrait. This was made from a cross stitch kit that has been sitting in my closet for years. I think I got it when we lived in Cary back in 2005? Or maybe I have even had it since Greenville. Cross stitch was always one of those things that I liked doing, but lost interest in quickly once I actually started a project. It just takes too long to complete anything! So between that and the fact that I didn’t really like the pattern, it got shoved in a closet and nearly forgotten.

However, I finished all my hand sewing projects and was hankering for another… so I dug this one out and decided to make it. As usual I was pretty bored with it halfway through, but I powered on and completed it. Now I am once again wanting for a hand sewn project, but not for lack of trying.

Close up

Had this frame lying around, so why not?
Had this frame lying around, so why not?

I ordered everything I needed for some other projects, but when I went to pull the threads out for one of the projects I discovered they hadn’t sent one of the pearl cottons I ordered. Blarg! At least they shipped it out fast enough when I told them about it, but it won’t be here until Tuesday. I also have been trying to get the thread kit for my Geranium Baskets since early August… it finally shipped a few days ago. While I love Primitive Gatherings’ products, I decidedly do not love ordering from them.

Although, I guess it is good that I have to wait on those threads though. It forces me to work on my Elegance quilt, which I am way behind on. There are some updates on that page as well, including pictures of July and August’s blocks. Normally I don’t add photos of the blocks to that page until I have completed all of them for that month, but since I was updating the site I decided to go ahead and update that page.

Test Post

I enabled the WordPress feature that automatically shares posts on Facebook, so I am testing it out. There really isn’t much exciting to post about right now…

The only new thing with Anna is that she is starting to wave back when we are waving “goodbye” to her. It is more like waving an arm at us, but it is adorable. However, she has also started doing something that isn’t so adorable… screaming. Loudly. I have no idea why, but last night she suddenly decided it was great fun to randomly and incessantly scream at the top of her lungs.

At first I thought she would do it a few times and get over it, but after 15 minutes or so of it I began to lose hope of that as a terrible headache set in. Hopefully we can teach her not to do this… but the only thing I could think to do was to put my hand gently over her mouth and tell her ‘no’ or ‘shh.’ This morning she was shrieking again. So if anyone has suggestions…

Nothing else new for Anna aside from her standing on her own a few seconds longer before plopping butt-first to the floor. She still isn’t really showing much interest in walking independently, but she is starting to cruise (walking while holding on to things) a bit more towards things she would drop down and crawl for just a week ago.

And since I haven’t posted any craft-related updates in a while… not much exciting there either. I am finding myself floating between projects a lot recently, ADD-like…

  • Over the weekend I finally got around to making a couple things from the Piece in the Hoop book I got for Christmas: a pin cushion and a pressing pad. I will have to post pictures of those soon.
  • I have also been slowly working on piecing the four May blocks for the Elegance quilt (pain in the ass!), which I did post a picture of already. I need to hurry up and finish the last couple blocks because the next class is 10 days away and I don’t want to get behind.
  • And in the past couple days I picked up that Yellow Brick Road quilt again because I am tired of it sitting around unfinished. I think I am nearing the halfway point with the quilting.
  • I have put the scrap quilt aside because I have grown tired of working on it, and am not sure I like the direction I was going with it anyway… so I will let it sit for a while until I decide to either rip it all apart or continue on with that design.
  • And that just leaves the Thangles quilt. Apparently people were getting bored with doing one block a month with the Thangles, so they offered the option to just buy all the blocks at once. I took them up on that, but now I wish I hadn’t… because now I actually have to figure out what colors to use for the blocks! When they were done individually the fabric was planned out for me. Now that I have all the blocks for the year, the fabric is all just in one pile and I have to decide which ones to use for what. Ugh, now I have to actually put effort into it. Sigh. But, on the bright side, I got some software for Mother’s Day that will help me plan out what to use… once I find time to get around to tracing the block patterns and scanning the fabric.

New Page & Sewing & Anna

I added a new page today, or pages really. I decided to post photos of my sewing projects, so you will now see a “Sewing Projects” page in the menu, with subpages for my projects. The photos there now aren’t that great since they were pretty much all taken as snapshots with my phone just as a means to post a photo. I will have to try to get the good camera out and at least take photos of my finished projects. I don’t have too many completed right now, so it won’t be that hard to catch up photos if I ever find the time to do it when the sun is up… and that will definitely be a challenge this time of year.

Since I posted last I have made some drawstring bags and a Christmas stocking. You’ll find pictures on the new page :) I think the stocking came out pretty good, and it was a great way to play with the new sewing machine I got as an early Christmas gift. The new sewing machine is completely awesome and I am so excited about it! I have been playing with it every spare moment I can find. I also got some quilting software for Christmas, but it hasn’t come in yet. Once that arrives I will finally finish that Yellow Brick Road quilt I started in October… so excited for that! Stay tuned for pictures.

And now for the Anna update. She is growing bigger and bigger every day. All of her 3-months clothes are nearly too small for her, and the 6-month clothing is only a little big… so probably by the end of January I will be packing away all her 3-month stuff. I have no idea what she weighs, but it has to be about 13 pounds. She doesn’t have another doctors visit until January 10, so it will be a few weeks before we find out exactly how much she has grown.

Her Nana reported that she has rolled from her back to her stomach twice today, which is a first for her. Anna doesn’t really like tummy time, so it scared her. Just a few days ago she rolled from her tummy to her back by herself for the first time. So any day now she will officially be in the “able to roll over” category, and will have to get over not liking tummy time. But if she is able to rollover at will she probably won’t mind tummy time so much anymore I guess.

Anna has also graduated to her stroller seat; part of the time anyway. Until recently we always just left her in the carrier, popping it onto the stroller frame, when we went out. She is starting to get cranky with it after long periods of time though. I think it is partly because she wants to be sitting up now (or propped up at least) and she is also about to outgrow the infant insert in the car seat. So the car seat is kind of a snug fit, but she is still a little too small to take it out.

So if we know we will be out for a while, or if she is awake when the car stops, she gets to sit in the real stroller seat now. For short trips she still stays in the carrier though, or if she is asleep and we don’t want to wake her. At first we put the “baby cocoon” thing on the seat for her that is designed for small infants to use like a bassinet when the stroller seat is fully reclined… it zips up around them to keep them warm and has a cushy head holder thingie. It is just lies on the seat, and you pull the straps through it to secure the baby. Yesterday she rode around sitting up (slightly reclined) directly in the seat though and was perfectly happy. Now I am happy too because I don’t have to carry the cocoon around in the car anymore, and I don’t have to put it on the stroller every time we use it without the carrier (the seat doesn’t fold with it on). Soon I won’t have to carry the carseat stroller adapter anymore either!


I am trying out a new theme… looks like some of the older posts with photos aren’t so good. The photos are cut off, but if you click them it will open the full sized photo. I guess I will leave this theme for a bit and see how it goes, and if new photos are also cut off like that.

New Theme

I am trying out a new theme. The old grayscale theme just seemed a little drab, so I chose a baby girl theme since it seems to be the way this blog is headed anyway. If you find any issues let me know, I haven’t really tested it out.

There are things I like about this theme, and things I don’t. The things I don’t mainly being that second side bar with the pink dress image above it, and the difficult-to-read fonts. One day when I am feeling motivated I will have to fiddle with the CSS and see if I can change that… or maybe spend more than 10 minutes looking at theme options.

Update: the ugly big pink dress image was bothering me too much… but I found it in the CSS and managed to get rid of it and fiddle with the padding until I think it looks right without it. I feel better now.

Sorry there are still no pictures

Sorry the pictures still aren’t up. I have only added in a few for very early posts. Okay, maybe just one. I have been sick this past week, and haven’t felt much like dealing with it. Not really sure what kinda of sick I am… it is the annoying kind where you can’t say “I have a cold” or “I have strep” but you could really only respond that “I feel like crap. My throat hurts. I occasionally feel slightly nauseous, have a headache that comes and goes, along with an intermittent cough. And I feel tired.” My ears kinda hurt too… maybe it is an ear infection.

I even called in sick on Tuesday, which I don’t do very often. If had managed to sleep the night before I probably would have sucked it up and came in… I dislike calling in sick, especially when I have worked at the company less than two months. I did suck it up and come in Wednesday, which was a lame day full of meetings. I must have looked as miserable as I felt because after one long meeting my manager asked if I was okay.

There really isn’t much to report… same old same old around here.