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Quilt in progress


Sorry for the crappy picture. Lighting was poor and I had to hold the phone above my head to get the whole thing. And I had to crop my belly out.

This is the midsection of the quilt. I also have one of the hedgehog panels complete, but I will have to take a pic later; it is pretty much the same as the pillow anyway. Next up is the last hedgehog, then the two patchwork panels.

Hopefully it will all join up well. I am a little worried about it because the fabric in the owl panel drew up some (about 1/4″) when I stitched the owl on. I had to compensate for it by making the tree panels slightly wider.

Since I am getting close to the next phase, I guess I will have make another trip to the sewing shop for batting and fabric for the binding (edge).

Pillow #2 Complete


The pillow has been sitting on the table, stuffed and ready to be closed, for probably a week now. I finally got around to stitching it up last night. I am not really happy with how the blanket stitching the two halves together turned out, I think blanket stitch is best left to felt… But I am a newb so maybe I just don’t know what I am doing. I am still pleased with the appliqué stitching this time around though.

Now on to the quilt! I started on the first square last night, which is another hedgehog like the first pillow. I will post a pic when it is done, but I am considering a fabric change so I might have to do a little shopping before it is complete.



Just finished the front of the pillow. I think it is a good first attempt, but I definitely need practice. Hopefully the lessons learned with this pillow will help me with the quilt. Just looking at the stitching in the order it was done, you can see small improvements. The hedgehog’s body was first, and it is pretty rough in spots. Next was the “hair” which is still pretty rough, but had a lot of turns to deal with. After that was the cheek, then flower followed by the ear. Last were the leaves. The outside of the leaves actually looks good, but then the shape was also pretty simple. The straight stitch on the leaves is awful though, and so is the mouth. In all though, it was my first ever attempt at this stuff so I am trying to be happy with it rather than focus on the [many, many] flaws.

Work in Progress


This is my first ever sewing project, as mentioned in the previous post. I still need to do stitching on the hedgehog, and it needs the flower center added. I also need to find a more opaque fabric for the hedgehog before I do the ones that go on the matching quilt, because you can see through it.

It should hopefully look something like this when I am done: