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Sea Kittens Sure Are Tasty

Today I put aside the iPod and decided to see what was on the radio. I ended up listening to 101.1, which is evidently a talk radio station. The host seemed to mainly complain about things, and still hadn’t gotten over Obama’s victory. I had mostly decided I should go back to my iPod when he started complaining about PETA.

I couldn’t believe what they had come up with this time! It was so ludicrous that I really hoped it was a joke. PETA, who is of course the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is now trying to defend fish. Their plan? Changing their name… to Sea Kittens!

I kind of forgot about it until just now, when reading an article on CNN about some restaurant releasing a 140 year old lobster thanks to PETA’s request. I never thought I would find myself on PETA’s website… but I just had to see if this Sea Kitten thing was real. I was half convinced it wouldn’t be true.

Well, not only is it true, but they have a whole campaign set up for it. You can get web graphics, wallpaper, make your own Sea Kitten, and buy Sea Kitten merchandise. You can also sign a petition. Over 2650 people have already signed! And the best part? The Sea Kitten stories. You can read sad tales of happy Sea Kittens that are driven insane and murdered by evil Land Kittens. I am not making this up.