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San Francisco

I am so tired.

We have had a very full couple of days. Yesterday morning we went to the OB for the first visit. They went over our insurance coverage (which is thankfully very good), drew blood (5 vials!), and the prenatal nurse took our history and gave us a kind of crash course introduction to pregnancy as well as some Enfamil swag and various reading material.

After that we ran home so I could quickly pack my bag for the trip. I had already packed Sean’s the night before and gotten some of my stuff together, but still needed to pack my own bag. I was just finishing when Sean’s mom came a little early to take us to the airport. Call it pregnancy brain or just being rushed, but I completely forgot to grab my coat from the car… which had my bank card in the pocket. Didn’t think about that until we were at the airport. Great.

By the time we got to the airport I was getting pretty hungry. And these days hungry means nauseous. That was something I am learning to balance, having to eat small amounts almost constantly with a goal of six small meals a day. So far I have still not actually thrown up, but I have certainly felt like I was tipping closer to that the past couple days. Luckily between the food I was able to grab at the RDU and ATL airports, the cheese and fruit tray I got on the airplane, and the snacks I packed I was able to mostly keep the nausea tolerable. The fatigue though… ugh.

I was so exhausted by the time we got to San Francisco. The flight was so uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep at all. We got to the hotel about 10 minutes to 11pm, which is 2am for us. And we were both hungry. There is no way I can ignore being hungry these days, especially not at bed time. We were both too tired to go out and find food, so we managed to sneak in a room service order before they closed at 11. It was totally not worth what we paid, but the food was surprisingly good. The best salmon I have had in a very long time! And the ramen was delicious.

We are staying at Hotel Kabuki, which is adjacent to the Japan Center mall in Japan Town. The hotel is looking a bit worn, and the prices for some things are quite ridiculous. For instance, the “honor bar” in our room has $4 Snickers bars and $8 bottles of water. But the bed is comfortable and the staff is friendly. And we can’t beat the location for Japan Town. The only other hotel in this area is this crazy anime themed place.

Today we had a tasty breakfast at the hotel and then went out to do a little exploring in the Japan Center. Ermahgerd! This place is wonderful. We might have gone a little overboard while shopping. And there are so many restaurants! It is hard to choose! There is also a little stand that sells tea and mochi… they have the best warabi mochi I have ever had. It was so good that we had to go back for seconds later in the day.

After walking all over the Japan Center I was pretty wiped out. When we dropped our loot off at the hotel I ended up taking a nap, which helped tremendously. When we woke up we decided to venture out to the Old Navy store to see if they had any coats left, since it was getting pretty chilly. Driving in San Francisco really is an adventure with all the hills, traffic, one way streets, pedestrians, lack of parking, etc. We found Old Navy pretty easily with the help of Google Maps, but we only had to circle the block twice before we found parking.

The store we went to is apparently the flagship store, and is huge. It is a three stories, each one a little larger than the stores back home. Despite that, they only had one coat left in my size. I actually really like the coat, but it is orange! It is growing on me, but I definitely would never have chosen an orange coat. I couldn’t argue with the $20 price tag though. We also found a coat for Sean to wear over his hoodie because he was pretty cold too, and some hoodies that say San Francisco on them to fill the souvenir obligation. Then it was back to Japan Town for more yummy food.

After all the walking I am exhausted, despite my nap. I guess it is really midnight by eastern time. Time to crawl into bed!


It is amazing how quickly things change when you are prego. Last week I felt fine for the most part, just tired. Day 1 of week 6 was the same, but day 2 I was fairly nauseous by the afternoon… probably because we were stuck at the car dealership most of the day and all I had to eat was a granola bar for lunch, which was only preceded by a handful of triscuits and cheese cubes for breakfast. Day 3 I woke up feeling fine, but by the time I got in the car to drive to work I was feeling nauseous again. And I was more tired than I had been to that point. After lunch I was fine until around 6pm when I was hungry again, and then the nausea stuck once more… although a handful of triscuits solved the nausea until I could get dinner.

Today I was again fine when I woke up, aside from being even more tired. After getting ready for the day I had a wave of feeling perfectly normal, but that didn’t last too long and I was soon hit by another wave of weariness and nausea. Snacking seems to help the nausea, but it is lingering a little today.

I am glad I haven’t actually been throwing up yet, and I sure hope it stays that way. I don’t look forward to the very real possibility of having to bolt from a meeting and hope I make it to the restroom in time to throw up in the toilet. At least next week I will be working remotely from a hotel room. That means that if this nausea worsens to the point of actually vomiting I will at least be very close to a bathroom and not have to worry about the questioning looks from co-workers, who still don’t know I am pregnant.

The Friday after I get back I will have my first ultrasound. I will see how things go with the morning sickness… if it is to the point of actual vomiting I will go ahead and tell them, otherwise I am not sure if I want to just tell them after the first ultrasound or if I want to wait until the second trimester. Sean is eager to post the news to the world on Facebook, so I might give in if the ultrasound reveals everything is healthy and normal. And once that happens, people at work would probably find out soon enough… so I guess I will have to tell them pretty soon.

Farewell, Mini :'(

Well, I did it. The Mini is gone. I am kinda sad. I loved that car and will miss it. But it just wouldn’t work with a baby seat and stroller, at least not work well. With the Mini there was no room for anything except the stroller in the trunk, which would make grocery shopping interesting. We of course have the truck, but that isn’t the best baby hauler either. The seat would fit easily, but the stroller would have to go in the bed, or be wedged between the front and back seats. The most ideal thing for the truck would have been a bed cover of some kind, but those aren’t always water-tight.

We could have waited to get it of course, but it would have been weighing on us until we had it taken care of. So, today we took advantage of what is technically the last day of the month and year for car dealerships and bought a 2013 Mazda CX-5, Grand Touring edition with the technology package in pearl white with black interior. It is well optioned and I like it, but I will mourn the loss of my Mini. I will try to remember to post a picture sometime soon. I have never liked white cars, but somehow this one just looked best in white so that is what I chose.

I am still waiting on some accessories because their parts department was closed for the holiday, and it was raining so I told them to put the detailing on the ‘We Owe’ as well… so I have to find time to out to Mazda in Cary again to have it cleaned and get the accessories I ordered (rear bumper guard, cargo cover, all weather floor mats, cargo area mat). They do offer loaners, so maybe if they get the stuff in this week I can just drop it off one morning or something. There are only a couple days left before I fly to California.

As far as the pregnancy goes, not much has changed since yesterday. Although I was more nauseated today, but that might have just been lack of eating since we were stuck at the dealership all day.

6 Weeks

Today is the first day of week six. It is still way way early, but we are thinking about the coming months and making plans. Well, making plans as best we can as first timers. Someone asked me if I was overwhelmed yet, but I really am not. Planning is totally my thing, I love planning. The only thing that is slightly overwhelming is all the nutrition stuff. – 6 Weeks

I have been taking a prenatal vitamin since right after Thanksgiving, it is one the doctor prescribed to me. Walgreens no longer carried the first one the doc ordered, so this is the second choice I guess. Since it was doctor directed I have been tooling along all confident that it was a good one, but then I started reading. The vitamin she gave me totally lacks several of the vitamins that I’ve read are really important! ugh! So I picked up the One-A-Day (which is actually two a day and I find that amusing) Prenatal the other day, but then I see that it has one in it that I am confused about. What I read said that I need Niacin, but if my protein is adequate then my Niacin intake is adequate and supplementation is not recommended. So confusing!! I guess I will wait to start taking that one until my doctor visit Friday. I will ask about it… although I am not sure I actually get to see the doctor on that visit.

My symptoms are still pretty light, which I am grateful for. I truly hope this continues, but I don’t really have any belief it will. So far I have just been tired, kinda crampy, and a little nauseous. And of course there are the sore boobs and the constant need to pee. Everything I read says to sleep more, which hasn’t been hard. I have been off work since Dec 21, which has made it easier to sleep in… I just worry about when I go back to work and have to start trying to go to bed early. I also worry that the incessant vomiting will strike when I have to be in the office all day.

Other than work and nutrition, the only stressful thing is what to do about my Mini. I love my car, but I am coming to terms with having to give it up. We tried car seats in it, and now I have to face reality. While the Orbit stroller fits easily in the trunk, and car seats seem to fit in the back, the passenger seat has to scoot so far forward that the passenger’s knees are too close to the dash. And trying to lift car seat + baby in and out of the back is going to be a struggle as the baby grows. Not to mention it is probably going to be difficult for me to get out of the car in a few months.

This means I have some decisions to make. Put up with the Mini and just make Sean drive (since I am shorter) until it becomes too much of a pain in the ass? Take advantage of the end of the year sales to pick up a new car? Enjoy the little time I have left with my Mini while we make some more payments on it, then sell this summer? To make it worse, we are upside down on it. Why did I ever give up my Rav4?

Poppy Seed

Merry Christmas! Exciting times in the Miller household. We haven’t put this news out on Facebook yet, as it is way early, but since hardly anyone reads this I decided to make a post anyway. This year we got a poppy seed for Christmas. That is the size of an embryo at 4 weeks :) (please, no Facebook posts about this)

Yes, we were trying. Over the Thanksgiving break I went to the OB for a pre-conception visit just to check things out. It wasn’t long after that we stopped preventing and decided to let nature take its course. Sean has made fun of me for how careful I have been over the years; I have constantly told him people in my family have absolutely no trouble getting pregnant. Well, now he believes me!

I suspected it wouldn’t take long, but all Sean’s doubt made me think maybe I was just being crazy and it really would be months. That is why I was slightly surprised when the test came up positive, but no where nearly as surprised as Sean. I had suspected it might be the case, but had told myself I was just being crazy to think I was pregnant so soon. At two days late I told Sean we should get some tests just because we were trying, not wanting to sound like a nut. It was a little funny though, because I was just going to buy the standard box with 2 tests but Sean said we should get the box with 5… to which I replied, “If we get the five pack I will only need one.”

The best time to take the test is in the morning, but Sean was too impatient so I took the test that night while I was getting ready for bed. Sean just stood there next to me watching it laying on the bathroom counter, waiting for it to come up with an answer, while I was washing my face. Then he kind of grabbed me by the shoulders with a look of disbelief on his face. I think his words were, “Holy crap!” and I was like “What?” and he just pointed at it, mouth agape. It was pretty amusing. I believe my reply was something like, “Told you so.”

The next morning we did another test just to make sure, and it still read positive. It has been sinking in over the past week. Today is day two of week five. The various books and apps can’t seem to agree on the size of the embryo at this stage. Some say sesame seed, some say apple seed, and the largest I have read is a small coffee bean. Although they all seem to agree it will double in size by week six. It is becoming more real, but it is still hard to believe. It is exciting to think about, but I am still hesitant to get too attached until after the first trimester considering 15-20% of all pregnancies miscarry and 80% of those are in the first 12 weeks.

I have already made my first doctor appointments. The first is January 4th, but I think that one is just for planning and insurance stuff. The first ultrasound is Jan 18, which should be late in week number 8. At that point, it should be the size of a jelly bean according to the Sprout app. Although it doesn’t say what brand… Jelly Belly are a lot smaller than those generic ones.

Thankfully there hasn’t been much in the way of symptoms yet; I am just waiting for the massive morning sickness to hit. So far I have just been tired, thirsty, and a little crampy with occasional slight nausea. Just kinda like PMS, but with added thirst. No one in my family has escaped nine full months of morning sickness, and I doubt I will be the exception. They say it starts around week six, which should be awesome considering I go back to work (where they don’t know yet) on day 3 of week six, and then fly to San Francisco on day 5 of week six. So I will potentially use one of those air sick bags for the first time ever.

The planning has already begun. We have already gone to a couple baby stores just to get an idea of what is out there. First we stopped in at Smart Momma, which is a little locally owned store we pass every day on Glenwood. Just because it is locally owned we will probably try to shop there as much as possible, but it is pretty small. The clerk there gave us the sage advice to decide on one thing each week and never look back. Although I think at this early stage we don’t really have to make too many decisions just yet, but we decided we might as well start looking at strollers first since it will be a challenge with the Mini. We mostly toured the store, checked out strollers, and learned about what they had to offer for classes and such. I think I might have found the crib I want while we were there, but I am keeping my eye out.

The second store we went to was Buy Buy Baby over in Morrisville. We were at Gander Mountain and decided we might as well check out Buy Buy Baby since we had never been into one. The moment the door opened I said, “It looks like Bed Bath and Beyond” which was apparently dead on because (from their website) it looks like they are owned by the same people. They have a massive stroller selection! We immediately went over to check out what they had. I totally ignored the Orbit because I had a preconceived notion that they were way over priced and I totally wasn’t going to be sucked into that scam.

A very helpful clerk showed us several strollers, including the Bugabee ones I had been impressed with online. Bugabee is not as impressive in person. I had nearly decided we would have to choose the Britax B-Agile, which is a rip off of Baby Jogger’s City Mini (although I like Britax better), when Sean pointed out the Orbit. I was about to scoff at it when he said, “There is a Mini in the picture.” I had to give it a look then. I never knew Orbit had a rotating base! That makes it the only car seat in the country (that I know of) with a rotating base. I have read in the Mini forums that those are the best to get, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to find one here. The Orbit is frigging awesome. And, when trying to convince yourself that it really isn’t that crazily priced, you can justify the cost by saying it includes a car seat + base, infant stroller seat, and stroller frame. So it is like getting the car seat, newborn stroller, and infant stroller all in one… and there is a toddler car seat you can buy that works with the base. Plus, if we have a second kid, we can expand it to be a double stroller. It might be worth the cost just in convenience when it comes to putting the rear-facing kid in the Mini. I really hate to admit this, but I think we are going to go with the Orbit.

So many exciting things! Plans to be made, things to buy, names to debate, progress to track… I just hope I can keep the morning sickness under control so that I actually enjoy the process. Right now I am just hoping everything goes well, the baby is in the right spot and developing normally, and that it arrives as a healthy boy or girl. I can’t wait for that first ultra sound! What if it’s twins?!

PS – if the apps are right, the due date is August 27.