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So Very Tired

I am tired of being exhausted all the time. And I am tired of not wanting to eat anything, and tired of feeling like poop. I must hold on to hope that this phase will only last a few more weeks, even though it is highly possible it will last until August. Trying not to think about that possibility though. Just a few more weeks… yes, just a few more weeks.

Sean has been great lately. All I want to do is sleep, and he is helping pick up some of my slack. He has gone shopping by himself, cooked, cleaned, and even did a load of laundry. I feel like a horrible wife, but I just don’t have the energy for anything. Even now all I can think about is when I can go home and lay down.

I am not sure if the fatigue is making me more or less irritated with the saga I have been dealing with on trying to get new glasses. I am definitely irritated, but too tired to care most of the time.

Let me see if I can relate the saga without going on a rant.

Dec 29 – I go to Eye Care Associates and pick out, and pay for, glasses and sunglasses, it is the end of the year and therefore crazy busy
Jan 4 – I leave for California
Jan 5 – I realize I have a voice mail from ECA, they say I need to call about my order because the color of frame I wanted was not available, they want me to call and pick another color
Jan 9? – I finally remember to call them during EST business hours; The lady doesn’t seem interested in telling me my color choices over the phone, so I tell her I will come in when I am back in town, I also find out they can’t get the sunglasses I wanted in my prescription either
Jan 12 – I get back home around midnight, this is a Saturday – they are closed on Sundays and I am too sick to go during the week because I don’t have Zofran yet
Jan 19 – I go in, pick a different color for my glasses and find a new frame they say will work for sunglasses; then they try to charge me for the sunglasses again and I have to explain that I paid for both pair when I ordered them (duh! do they ever let you order without paying?)
Jan 21 – I get a voice mail while in a meeting saying that since I had *never called them back* they went ahead and ordered the lenses for me; I had to call back twice trying to get the person for an explanation; finally a different person calls me back that afternoon. The conversation goes something like this,

ECA: “You’re regular glasses are ready to be picked up”
Me: “What type of coating did I order for those? I asked when I came in Saturday, but didn’t get an answer”
ECA: “Just the anti-reflective”
Me: “Oh, I was going to upgrade to the premium coating, but oh well”
ECA: “Would you like me to put that in?”
Me: “What would the price difference be?”
ECA: “For your inconvenience we will waive the cost, because, well… ”

And then she went on to explain that even though ECA was “90% certain” that the sunglasses would work with my prescription, Oakley didn’t think they could do it. She said they could use their own brand of lenses though, and it would work… so they are going to do that. She also offered to let me pick up the regular glasses and then just swap the lenses when the new ones came in, but I didn’t want to deal with that.

So hopefully one day I will get my new glasses, and my sunglasses. And it should be interesting to see what happens with the billing. I will be glad when I finally get my sunglasses though, I haven’t been able to wear any since June when I started wearing my glasses full time due to dry eyes. And now that I am pregnant they are even more dry, which means contacts are pretty much out for me indefinitely.

9 Weeks

Today is the first day of week 9. This means the embryo is now officially a fetus. And I am more exhausted than ever. I thought that once you got past the hump of making the placenta and all the bits and pieces that the exhaustion would ease up, not get worse! Sunday I could barely pull myself out of bed. In fact I got up, did a few things around the house, and then crawled back in bed for a few hours around midday. And I was still exhausted. Maybe it is the Zofran. I think fatigue is one of the side effects listed for it. But at least I am not throwing up every day and being held prisoner by the nausea anymore. I do still have some nausea, but not like before the Zofran. Aside from the weariness the worst symptom now is a constant acid reflux. Yay.

We still aren’t posting on Facebook… maybe in three weeks, after the second ultrasound. That will be entering the second trimester, and the ultrasound should show us a picture that actually looks like a baby instead of the tiny blob the first one showed.

First Ultrasound!


We went in for the first ultrasound this morning. The appointment was at 9:00, but due to weather the office opened late and they somehow forgot to tell people this. So we got there and had to wait an hour. The doctor and staff seemed irritated that their office manager failed to alert people, so hopefully things like this won’t happen again. Other than that it all went well though.

The heartbeat was strong, and it measured just right for 8 weeks. I wish you could see more from these early ultrasounds, but it pretty much looks like a little blob. Sean and I both agreed that while it was nice to see the heart beating and to know it was doing okay in there, it was a bit underwhelming over all. I think we are both really wanting to see the ultrasounds where it is actually identifiable as a baby. The next ultrasound is scheduled for Feb 14, that one should be a prettier picture.

In other pregnancy news, I got Zofran yesterday. Today is my first day taking it. I think it might be making me feel more tired than usual, but I didn’t throw up today. And I have only been a little nauseous, so I would say it is working. Although right now all I want to do is take a nap!

Week 8

I managed to not throw up on the planes, yay! But by the time I got home I was getting sick on an empty stomach, which is somehow even less fun. Luckily Sean was willing to go out and get some food for me, which made me feel much better.

This trying to balance the amount of food thing is rough. Not enough food and I am nauseous and have a good chance of getting sick. Too much food and I feel awful and possibly throw up. Just the right amount of food and I feel better briefly, and then it is back to nauseous and the game begins over again. I am beginning to learn to eat slowly and try to pay attention to the way I feel. While I am eating, I want to just devour the plate like I am accustomed to, but I have to be slow about it because there comes a (very sudden) point when I hit my limit and know I shouldn’t eat another bite. I assume this is because the sphincter muscle that keeps food from coming back up into the esophagus loosens during pregnancy… that is an awesome little fact I never knew before. Which leads to a whole world of fun.

It is now the second day of week 8. Yesterday was my first day back to the office, and I was really glad I had told my bosses I was having morning sickness. I couldn’t get out of the house on time because I felt incredibly nauseous and even threw up the crackers I ate to try to settle my stomach. Then once I finally got myself together enough when I might have been able to make it in time for my 10:00 meeting I discovered I couldn’t find my badge (access card to parking and building). I eventually found it hidden inside a hat in my glove box, but by then I was going to miss my meeting. And then my boss leads a meeting at 11:00 every Monday, by that time I was again feeling pretty sick so I told him I was just going to Skype into the meeting and stay at my desk. Luckily I didn’t get sick at work, but I sure felt like I was going to during that 11:00 meeting. After lunch I felt mostly okay though.

This morning was different and I am learning how unpredictable this thing is. I woke up late (fatigue!) but felt fine for the most part. I continued feeling mostly okay, but knew something was going to come so I told work folks I was going to be working from home this morning and would Skype into that 10:00 meeting. I was okay until about 10:00 when I started feeling nauseous again, then a little after the meeting I got sick. Now I am back to feeling awful, which I am thinking means I should eat something… but food is unappealing. I am going to have to force myself to eat something, then head to the office if I keep it down.

The only other new symptom I have to report is a spell of faintness. Sunday night we were making dinner, I was chopping up the veggies for a stir fry when I suddenly felt faint, sweaty, and nauseous all at once. So I sat down for few minutes until I felt better… then went to the bathroom and threw up. After that I felt better and went back to helping with dinner. That was certainly no fun though!

The first appointment with the actual doctor is this Friday at 9:00. Why on earth did I ever make an appointment for the morning?? Oh right, I made that appointment 3 weeks ago before I knew the wonders of morning sickness. I will just have to carry one of the air sick bags I stole from the plane with me, and ask them to keep a bucket near me at the office!

I am looking forward to seeing the ultrasound, but the rest of the appointment should be about as much fun as any other lady doctor visit. Hopefully the ultrasound will show everything is good and progressing well. I just wish the doctor had a magic 8 ball that could tell me when this morning sickness will end. I sure hope it only lasts through the first trimester. I am still considering asking for medicine to help with it, so that it doesn’t interfere with daily life as much.

Last Day in California

Today is the last full day in California. I look forward to being back home with my critters, only worrying about one time zone, and getting back into a routine; but I definitely do not look forward to being back in the office. I will miss being able to work from the privacy of my hotel room. Not only is it quiet, but I don’t have to worry about juggling pregnancy symptoms while appearing professional and productive. This week I have had the luxury of working while lounging in pajamas, curled up on the bed or in the comfy (ish) chair in the hotel room. The days I have thrown up I could just go hang out in the bathroom for a bit without worrying about people wondering where I was, or if people were hearing me hork. I have now told my bosses at work, but no one else. I really don’t want to have to soothe people’s concerns upon hearing the lovely sounds of throwing up, which I know people will be able to hear if they are near the bathroom walls. I suppose I could always just tell anyone that asks me the truth, but I am still reluctant to make announcements until after the first trimester.

Next week I have to wake up and get presentable, then drive to work hoping I don’t have to vomit while driving. Then I get to sit at my desk all day even when I just want to curl up and take a nap, again hoping that I don’t have to vomit. Except when I am sitting in meetings and hoping I don’t have any sudden need to vomit. Pregnancy has also been messing with my IBS, which is another added layer of fun and anxiety. Please let the morning sickness pass quickly! As awful as I have been feeling I might have to ask for Zofran, but I was hoping to avoid taking medicine.


Well I can’t say I haven’t thrown up anymore. So much for that waffle and fruit I had for breakfast. At least I felt better for a little while afterwards. I have been making myself snack on the melon I had left over from breakfast since then so that I won’t have an empty stomach. I don’t want to eat, but I know I should.

At least I am working from the hotel this week. So the trip to the toilet wasn’t far, and I didn’t have to deal with co-workers. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a constant thing. Now I am looking forward to the plane ride home even less. I took the air sick bags from the first flight so I could have them in case of emergency later, the second flight didn’t have any… so I am glad I have the bags in case the flight home doesn’t have them either. I so don’t want to have to throw up in a bag though. Fingers crossed that I can make it home Saturday without throwing up!

7 Weeks

Today marks the beginning of 7 weeks and I really want to throw up, but not sure it would make me feel any better. Food is beginning to lose its appeal, but I am still making myself eat. And eating isn’t really helping the nausea as much as it was even a couple days ago. At least I am hanging out in a hotel room this week, and not in the office. I guess I will have to tell them soon so they know why I look like I want to curl up under my desk when I get back to the office.

What To Expect – 7 Weeks

When I woke up this morning I actually felt fine for a while, I also felt fine the several times I woke up during the night. The time zones are a little of a challenge this week since I have to work on eastern time while living on pacific time this week. The going to bed early last night was no trouble at all as tired as I am lately, but operating in two time zones has been strange. When it is lunch time for me, they are still only serving breakfast here. So I ate breakfast twice today. Once at 6:30 and again at 10:30, Cali time. I wanted to hold out for real lunch food at 11:30, but I just couldn’t wait any more. The first breakfast mostly helped with the nausea, but the second has done very little. Ugh, if this keeps up I might have to ask for a Zofran prescription to keep around. Maybe I shouldn’t have had orange juice with breakfast #2, maybe it was too acidic.

I have also developed an aversion to eggs. Yesterday we both had poached eggs with our breakfast, and they were pretty runny. One look at the gooey yellow center and I could no longer stomach the thought of eggs. I scooped mine off the plate and hid it under a napkin, and made Sean turn his around so I couldn’t see the yolk. Just thinking about it now makes me queasier. And I am not sure it if was still the fresh memory of those runny eggs or if I am just off eggs in general, but I couldn’t bring myself to even open the buffet cover on the eggs when I had my second breakfast, and the quiche looked beyond unappealing. And then the wait staff kept asking me if I wanted an omelet!