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13 Weeks

So yesterday marked the beginning of week 13. Depending on who you ask, this is either the last week of the first trimester, or the beginning of the second trimester. I guess I will go with the 14 weeks plus one day measure for that milestone. I am just happy to cross one more week off of being pregnant, and happy to be one week closer to finding out if it is a boy or girl.

The morning sickness still doesn’t show much sign of easing. Occasionally I feel kinda human, but I don’t want to put much hope in that. I still don’t exactly get hungry much, it is usually just varying degrees of nauseous. For instance, today around noon I was feeling the nausea meter tick up another notch so I decided I should go eat something before it got even worse. I ended up getting Italian Wedding Soup and a veggie platter from Saladelia. The soup was so good, and when I finished it I actually wished I had more. But before I ate I had no desire to really eat, I just felt sick. And I still didn’t even really want to eat my veggie platter, I just wanted more soup. For a while after lunch I actually felt okay, but it was in a way that I didn’t really notice until I started feeling sick again. Now it is after 3pm and I am exhausted and spiraling back into acidy nausea.

FB Ban Lifted


I gave Sean the okay to post on Facebook, so the ban is lifted.

Yesterday we went for the NT screening. That is the one where they judge the chances of the baby having a chromosomal defect like Downs, Trisomy 18, or Trisomy 13. They measure fluid in the nuchal fold at the back of the neck, and calculate the odds based on blood work and maternal age. Based on the ultrasound alone it looks good, the fluid was measuring 1.6-1.8mm and you want it less than 3mm. Of course we still have to wait on the blood test results for the final word. They are also going to check the blood sample to see if I am a carrier for cystic fibrosis, and if I am I guess Sean will get to have blood drawn too.

This visit was definitely different from the last few. When we got there I was nauseous and had to pee, but they wouldn’t let me because at this stage your bladder has to be full to push the uterus forward for a better view of the baby. Normally the first thing they want me to do is pee in a cup. And of course we had to wait. So I was sitting there being fairly miserable until they finally called us back.

The last ultrasound was done by the doctor in a cold exam room, along with an always delightful pelvic exam. This time we were taken to a little room used solely for ultrasounds. The room was comfortable and dimly lit, it almost had a cozy feel. And instead of using the little mobile ultrasound machine that they wheel around to the exam rooms, this one had a large complicated looking machine. There was also a monitor mounted across from the exam table so you could watch the whole thing without craning your neck.

I wish we could have gotten a video of it instead of the series of grainy still shots they printed out for us. The baby was moving around quite a bit, and in flashes you could glimpse hands, legs, and feet. It is hard to believe the little guy/girl is only 2 inches long from crown to rump. The tech had to coerce the baby into the right position, so we got to watch it for a little while. Of course while we were oo-ing and ah-ing over the images, the tech was bouncing the receiver thingy up and down on my full bladder trying to get the kid to flip over… but it was worth it.

After the ultrasound the visit was decidedly less fun, but at least I got to pee (and not even in a cup!) so I was less miserable while I waited to have blood drawn. This time it was only one vial, compared to the 5 they took last time. Then we had to wait again, for what felt like forever, to see the doctor. Once the doctor finally came in, we talked to her all of five minutes before we were released. In all we were there about two hours.

Next visit is March 4… not sure what they are doing then, guess I should have asked. I think it is another screening, but I can’t remember which one. I don’t think they give another ultrasound until 18-22 weeks, and March 4 would only be 16 weeks I think. But I am totally going to go to one of those ultrasound clinics in week 15 to find out the sex. We asked if there were any early guesses yesterday. At first she said 60% chance it was a girl, but once it was in another position she said she really didn’t know and we were back to a 50/50. I think we are both hoping for a boy, but we will be happy either way.

12 weeks

Well, today marks the beginning of week 12. I would like to say the morning sickness is on the way out, but it doesn’t seem like it is. And apparently now I get to add light headiness/dizziness to the list of pregnancy symptoms. Yay.

Saturday I woke up feeling pretty good and decided I would try to live without Zofran. I had some acid issues, and after lunch threw up a bit, but nothing major. I didn’t feel too nauseous and was doing mostly well. I had promised Sean I would try to leave the house, so while he was out at an Animazement meeting I pulled myself together to get showered and presentable. But then I was hit by fatigue and general uckiness. I laid my head down just for a minute, and I guess I fell asleep because next thing I knew it was nearly 6pm and my stomach was empty… and I got sick again. Sean made me take my medicine and I didn’t argue. He was nice and went out to grab some groceries to cook dinner for me, rather than holding me to my promise of trying to be human over the weekend. We did salmon and rice again, that is one of my favorite things to eat now I think… but the stupid FDA says I shouldn’t have more than 12 ounces of fish a week so I can’t have it too often.

Sunday I actually made it out of the house, even though I wasn’t really thrilled about it. I had promised though, so I sucked it up. Sean has been great and patient, and I feel like I have been a terrible wife. It is the least I could do.

We did some quick shopping errands. After I had been out walking around for about an hour or so I felt drained and kinda light headed, like I needed to sit down, and the nausea kicked in again. I guess my stomach was empty once again. I once again sucked it up and went to Hayashi, although there might have been a little whining. I felt amazingly better after eating though, I was shocked at how much udon I was able to eat. Sean helped some, but there were no noodles left at all, and I had eaten 4 inari on top of that. When I felt like I was unable to eat another bite, the owner gave us a congratulatory dessert of flan with whipped cream and a few slices of banana and apple. So then we had to eat that as well. I felt like I would pop.

This morning I was sick again though. Sean was sweet enough to bring me some toast, but it only took a few minutes for it to all come back up. Thing was, I didn’t really feel all that nauseous though. Then Sean was extra sweet and he made me some grits while I took a shower. That I managed to keep down, but I still feel kinda crappy today. But then, I feel crappy every day.

Looking forward to Thursday though, and slightly nervous… ultrasound! This is the screening to look for risk of chromosomal defects, plus it is the first time we will see something more than a fluttery blob. Sometimes the baby is even moving around and stuff, which would be cool to see.

Am I Getting My Appetite Back??

I am afraid to hope that my appetite is coming back. Which would supposedly signal the beginning of the end of nausea. Of course I don’t mean to say today has been awesome and good, it totally hasn’t.

Yesterday I was miserable all day, even worked from home. Had a headache and the usual exhaustion and nausea. But I wanted salmon and rice for dinner. Sean went out and got salmon and lemons for me. I don’t know if you can call that a pregnancy craving, it is a dish that we don’t do often but I like it. Although I was craving it yesterday. We just put a little olive oil on salmon with some salt and italian seasoning, then cook it in a pan. I like mine shredded on rice, Sean likes his whole with rice. And then a little lemon and butter… yum. I made my usual small portion last night, but when I was done I wanted more. I haven’t eaten so much in weeks.

This morning I woke up and was blissfully nausea free. I even said to myself “Enjoy this moment because it won’t last long” and I was right. I took my nausea medicine and lay there for a bit, and sure enough within 30 minutes I was nauseous. I didn’t even have the willpower to munch on the granola bar Sean brought to me. And then I threw up, which sucks even more when your stomach is empty. Poor Eddie, it scared him. I normally head to the bathroom when feeling like I will hork, but this time it hit too fast or maybe I was just in denial about it… but I ended up grabbing the trash can. Eddie was in bed with me, he ran away. After that I felt a bit better and had my granola bar.

Sean also picked up some cottage cheese and peaches for me last night, per my request. Cause he is awesome and stuff. I took that with me to work for a morning snack. Right after my daily 10:00 meeting I had that and it was so good. I gobbled the bowl down and wished I had more. Of course it wasn’t too long before I descended back to feeling crappy and nauseous, but maybe it is a sign of hope. I know I am bringing more peaches and cottage cheese with me tomorrow! And I might just have to request salmon and rice for dinner again tonight if Sean is willing to do a repeat dinner.


Today I am really thinking about finding a new OB again. Of course that isn’t easy. Last time I googled around looking for a change I didn’t find any that sounded better. I am just getting a little fed up with them over this Zofran thing.

I called the pharmacy today to see what was going on with it, and they said they had faxed an authorization request to the doctor for the medicine but hadn’t gotten it back yet. So I called the doctors office to get that sorted out. Or tried to. You end up getting an automated menu and the only options that really let you speak to a live person are Billing and Appointments. And neither of those options can actually help do anything, they just give messages to the OB nurse… who is the person that hasn’t sent the damned form back in the first place. I called and left messages twice, through two different avenues, this morning and still haven’t heard anything. This means that a) I can’t ask for a different med and b) I can’t get my Zofran refilled. What happens if I actually have a problem and need to talk to someone??

Maybe after I announce things to Facebook land someone will have a suggestion for an OB that works with Rex Hospital that is less of a pain in the ass.

As far as an update on how I am feeling today… like poop. Very very tired, queasy, slight headache. I just want to go home and lay down. I jokingly told Sean last night that this kid thing better be awesome or it isn’t getting any siblings. That is just because at this point I feel more sick than pregnant. If I am lucky enough for this yuckiness to pass in the next couple weeks, and I can move on to enjoying things, my mind may change. Otherwise, it might be once I forget how awful I feel right now before I decided to do this again.

I called them back and found out that if you wait through the entire menu it transfers you to a real person. A real person that immediately puts you on hold for no less than 5 minutes, but a real person. That person got things moving for me. They tried to get the prior authorization approved with insurance, but insurance didn’t want to pay for more than 21 pills in 30 days. I have gone through 21 pills in 19 days, and there is no way I can function the next 11 days without meds.

They offered to call in this other medicine that would make me sleepy (like I need to be any sleepier) and had to be taken every 6 hours. They suggested taking it at night because of the sleepy issue. I told them that probably would be pointless since I don’t get sick at night, and don’t usually get sick until I have been awake for an hour or so. Of course when the lady was talking to me I was so damned tired, my inner voice was just half whining/half cursing, “What the hell do they want you to do? Choose 9 or more days you don’t mind throwing up just to save the insurance company some money? Can’t they at least give you a pill a day??”

In the end the lady kept asking me what I wanted to do, and I kept telling her the other stuff was useless if it was going to make me sleepy. She wanted me to come in and see if there was something else, but I really don’t want to go down there two weeks in a row. Eventually I just told the lady I would just pay out of pocket, and called the pharmacy. I get to pay $93 for 12 pills. When I go for the NT screening next week I guess I will ask about other options when I talk to the actual doctor. Maybe I can get something that I can take on weekends or something, and save Zofran for work days.

Week 11

Well, tomorrow will be week 11 anyway. The nausea certainly hasn’t eased up any, but What To Expect’s website tries to give a little hope by saying it will probably go away by week 14. Of course, my family history says I will be sick until the end. I sure hope I am the exception, this sucks.

Insurance doesn’t seem to like paying for my Zofran (anti-nausea meds) so I am not sure what I am going to do there yet. I might just give in and buy it, and let FSA reimburse me… although that is pretty much the same thing as buying it ourselves anyway, just get a tax break on it. I was down to two pills Saturday morning (yesterday) so I decided not to take any and save the last two pills for the work week. That didn’t work out so well. I spent all day feeling like crap, and as a result spent most of the day lounging in bed. I ended up falling asleep in the evening, and woke up with am empty stomach. Empty stomach = bad.

Sean made a pizza and I ate it even though I knew I shouldn’t. Anything acid-inducing these days is totally not worth it. I threw up three times, then Sean went to get me a baked potato from Wendy’s to settle my tummy so I could go back to sleep around midnight. Then I threw up shortly after waking up this morning, but that was on an empty stomach so I forced down a slice of whole wheat bread with a little Nutella and banana. Again, I felt awful… Sean eventually made me take one of my pills. So now I only have one left. Trying to decide if I want to ask for something different, or fork over the $180 to get more Zofran. I like that the Zofran is one of those melt-on-your-tongue pills, so I don’t have to worry about throwing up the pill. And it does seem to work well most of the time. But on the other hand, if the nausea isn’t gone in the next couple weeks I really don’t want to spend that kind of money every 2-3 weeks.

I look forward to wanting to eat food again. You know how when you are sick to your stomach, and your whole being rejects food? That is pretty much how I feel, except I know I need to eat or I will feel even worse. Sometimes once I manage to get the first few bites down I do start feeling hungry and am able to eat, other times I just have to force every bite. It’s certainly good portion control though. That is probably why I haven’t gained any weight at all, but I am not too worried about that yet since it is fairly common to not gain weight in the first trimester due to feeling like crap.

The only short term thing that I can look forward to on a specific date is next Thrusday, when we go for another ultrasound. We opted for the Nuchal Translucency (NT) screening, where they use a high sensitivity ultrasound to look for signs of chromosomal problems like Down Syndrome. It makes me excited and a little nervous to think we will see a more clear ultrasound of the baby in week 12, when it is supposed to be fully formed. The first ultrasound was just a little blob that fluttered with the heart beat, this time we will be able to see how well it is formed. Or not formed. Like I said, excited and nervous. Everything should be fine though, no reason to think it won’t be. I am just looking forward to seeing something identifiable as a baby rather than a little blob. Once I see that, I will probably give in and lift the Facebook ban… Sean is so ready to tell the world.

Week 10

Today marks the beginning of week 10. It is nice to finally be in the double digits, and a little closer to the end of the first trimester. Since I have to count the rest of this week, there are three weeks to go until I will be in the second trimester. I am still incredibly tired, and feeling pretty crappy. There have been a couple times I have thrown up despite the Zofran, so I really hope the effectiveness isn’t beginning to wear off. That is one reason I am very ready to be out of the first trimester… hoping the yuckiness goes away and I get that supposed burst of energy that comes in the second trimester.

Yesterday I felt terrible all day. Queasy, and no energy at all. Sean really wanted me to go with him to exchange the Orbit stroller we had bought though. Since we traded for a larger car, it meant we didn’t have to be stuck with the Orbit anymore. I am so glad to be rid of it, I did not want to get those looks from people that know what the damned thing costs, nor did I really want to push around such a strange looking stroller. And it was really too damned expensive. For all the money we had already spent on it, we still needed to spend more for extra car seat bases ($225 each!) and a bassinet ($299!) for it. I really didn’t like it.

So despite feeling like poop, I sucked it up and went to Cary with him to exchange the Orbit for a less expensive and more normal-looking stroller and car seat combo. I spent the whole time just feeling weak and queasy. I was glad we already knew which stroller we were trading to, but I couldn’t bring myself to really care much about the car seat. I didn’t even feel like picking the things up off the (tallish) shelf to play with them. I made Sean pull them down. I just chose the one that was easiest for me to carry and then told Sean it was my vote but I really didn’t care which one he chose. I just wanted to go home.

We got lucky with the stroller purchase. They only had the display model in stock. Since it was recently built and looked fine we decided to get that instead of ordering one, and it saved us 10%. And we also had a 20% off coupon for the car seat. It is still really too early to be buying this stuff, but the original stroller system purchase was because Sean felt guilty about the girl standing outside in the cold to see what fit in the Mini… and since we were returning it we figured we might as well get a new one. It will just sit in the guest room/future nursery for the next 7 months.

On the way home I got sick, but it was on an empty stomach. Getting sick on an empty stomach sucks, and afterwards I hurt a lot. Guess I strained something, but it is better now. That was really my problem at the store I think, I was lacking food. I guess I am still not accustomed to this having to eat frequently thing. Today I have been keeping food in my stomach and haven’t gotten sick at all, but I still feel pretty queasy. It is still a struggle to eat though, because I don’t have much of an appetite. I just force myself to eat food because I know I should.