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Still a Girl

So we went back to the ultrasound place yesterday for the re-check on gender, and today I went to the OB for a check up. The sonographer still says girl, so that is what we are going with. We got some pretty good pictures out of it, I will have to get around to putting a few up. She (I can say she!) was even more active this time around. Maybe she was on a sugar high from the large smoothie I had just finished, but she was flipping all around kicking and punching. That is the best part of ultrasounds if you have never seen one. Just seeing the pictures is neat and all, but it is nothing compared to watching the baby move. At one point she had her mouth open, and another time she had her little hand open so that you could clearly see the thumb stretched away from the rest of the fingers.

And before anyone flips out over my smoothie, it was an organic blueberry smoothie made with apple juice, banana, and blueberry sherbet. It wasn’t one of those awful concoctions they serve at fast food places with “real” fruit syrup… it was made with actual fruit. Blueberries are a) a recommended food during pregnancy and b) supposed to help with acid. I say supposed to help with acid because that smoothie totally didn’t help, but it sure was tasty. The past couple days I have walked down to Saladelia to buy one around 4pm… it might end up being my new routine for a little while. It gives me a chance to get up and move around, and it is a good snack to avoid an empty stomach.

When I went to the doctor today I was expecting a full exam, but it was a really easy check up. They just listened to the baby’s heart and did lab work. I really liked this doctor, it was the first time I had met her. I hope I will see more of her. The next visit will be the anatomy ultrasound on April 11. That one should be a fun visit because we will get to see the baby again, but it is again a little worrisome because it is when they look for things that are wrong physically. They will be checking the organs and bone structure, not sure what else. But I will just concentrate on the getting to see the baby again thing.

The doctor also told me to start taking 150mg of Zantac twice a day for my acid issues. When she asked how I had been doing I told her about the acid, and she immediately said we had to fix it because the morning sickness wouldn’t go away until we did. She says I should be feeling significantly better by Monday, and if not I should call them. I sure hope this is a light at the end of the tunnel! It would be so nice to not feel acidy and queasy all the time.

I want to get back to my life! I am tired of sitting around the house feeling like poop. I want to be out doing stuff and going places. It isn’t fair for Sean to have to go out and do so much stuff on his own. Plus we have two birthday babies to go see… this weekend is Sean’s cousin’s first birthday, and my cousin’s third birthday is coming up at the end of the month. I really want to feel well enough to go, but the first one is in Charlotte and the other in Greenville. Lately my time limit for excursions has been about 2-3 hours before I am just wiped out, so I am not sure how I will handle those car trips if I am not feeling better.

Why do I read the internets?

So I have been reading the community forums on for many weeks now. It is good to be able to read other people’s experiences so I know I am not the only one feeling miserable and losing my mind at the same time. It is a good source of information from actual people. However, there are also constantly the not-so-happy stories with people finding out things are wrong or losing babies.

It never fails that as soon as I am not worrying about things, I read some post that makes me realize things could go wrong at any minute. For instance, today I read one post where a mother had a perfect ultrasound at 12 weeks (as did I) and then went for an elective gender scan (as did I.) The sonographer told them it was a boy and sent them on their way with no indication anything was wrong. This is because the sonographers can’t diagnose stuff, they must refer it to a doctor… so they sent the scans over to the woman’s OB without letting them know. The woman’s OB called them in for testing and found that their baby had trisomy 18, which is generally fatal.

Ugh, the internet is a dangerous place. And if that story above wasn’t enough, I even stumble on things like that with sites like Huffington Post. Last month they had a story about a woman who carried her baby to term and everything looked wonderful. Just before she was due to give birth, she stopped feeling the baby move and went in for a check up. The baby had died, and there was no explanation. So on Valentine’s Day, of all days, they had to go to the hospital for an induction to give birth to a stillborn. They never knew what caused the baby to die. Really, internet?! There should be a filter in place so I don’t read this stuff.

16 Weeks

Today begins week 16.. 24 left to go. That really doesn’t seem all that long actually, 24 weeks. It feels like it was January last week, yet it is March. I can’t believe spring is around the corner, the trees and plants are already starting to wake up. Summer will be here before I know it. And at the end of the summer, Baby will be here.

Wednesday night we will hopefully have a confirmation on the baby gender. The sonographer had said she was 95% sure it was a girl, and it really did look like a girl to me too. So we have been operating under the assumption that we will be having a daughter ever since. We have picked a nice light peachy orange color for the nursery (because Sean won’t let me have blue or anything close to it for a girl and I refuse to paint it pink) and we even think we have decided on a name. It is probably too early to go announcing names, so I will wait to make sure we are definite on the name before telling folks. Also want to make sure it is a girl. I doubt we will be keeping it a secret like some folks do.

To the usual, ‘how am I feeling’ question… a little better. I think. Well, I wouldn’t have said that Friday night while I was horking up the entirety of my dinner. But Saturday and Sunday I did okay. I even left the house both days, which might be the first time that has happened all year.

Saturday I helped Sean install the new ceiling fan in the baby/guest room (okay, I handed him stuff) and then later in the day we ran out to Sherwin Williams to grab some paint chips, then to Lowes to return some bulbs with the wrong base for the fan, and a quick Target trip for some needed items, followed by picking up dinner at Red Monkey. Of course, by the time we were in Target for 45 minutes I was pretty much done… and I just sat in the car while Sean grabbed the take out order. But Sunday I felt a little more like a human. We went to Sherwin Williams to check out the paint chips again, then wandered around the mall before going grocery shopping. That is the first time I have been grocery shopping since the morning sickness hit!

I have also come to the conclusion that the baby-induced acid reflux might be worse than the morning sickness. I have begun to blame that for most of my queasiness throughout the day, not to mention the burning throat which seems to be trying to turn into heartburn. And the awesome baby related post nasal drip combined with the acid has given me a chronic cough that constantly has people thinking I have a cold. So that is lame. When I go to the OB Thursday afternoon I am going to have to ask the doctor if there is something more than Tums that can be done for that.

15 Weeks

Today is the beginning of week 15, although the baby has measured nearly a week smaller the past two ultrasounds so maybe I am really less than 15. But according to date calculations I should be 15, so maybe the kid is just short. They say it is okay as long as they measure within a week though, so nothing to worry about.

People constantly ask how I am doing, so the update there is that I still feel like poo most of the time. I want to say I feel a little better, but I am not sure if that is true or if I have just gotten use to feeling this way. At the moment my throat burns from the constant acid reflux, I have a headache, and I could fall asleep this very minute. Yesterday and today I have been even more tired than usual, not sure what is up with that. I thought the exhaustion was supposed to ease up in the second trimester! Sean says maybe the baby is having a growth spurt. All I know is that it was incredibly hard to open my eyes this morning, and all I want to do right now is take a nap.

I did make it out to Lowes last night to get a ceiling fan for the baby’s room though (current one is noisy). That feels like a huge accomplishment these days, leaving the house after working all day. I am glad to have the fan, and eager to get it installed… then we can see what the light will be like in there and choose paint! It will probably be this weekend though, since we have to do it while the sun is still up.

The next baby related appointments are next week on the 13th and 14th. On the 13th we will swing by the ultrasound place for a gender confirmation, and then there is an OB appointment on the 14th. There is no ultrasound with that appointment, just tests and a check up. The first trimester tests (NT Scan and Cystic Fibrosis) looked good, hopefully this next round will as well.


They said they were 95% sure it was a girl, but to come back for another check on the 13th. Guess we will see what it is then! But for now we are thinking of girl names and making plans assuming it is a girl. Trying to work up the energy to go to Lowes and pick out a ceiling fan, but don’t know if that is happening today. I really want to pick a paint color and get moving on the baby room, but want to get a new ceiling fan up first so we know what the light will be like in there. I am sort of regretting our paint choice for the computer room now, as it would be perfect for a girl’s room… but not sure I want two rooms the same color.


Yesterday I made an appointment with the 4D ultrasound place for Sunday at 5pm for gender identification. That will be one day short of 15 weeks, although last ultrasound I think the baby was measuring a few days behind what it should have been… so fingers crossed! They say they can find out starting at 15 weeks, so I am a little worried it may be too early. Although they let you come back for no charge until they can find out if Sunday doesn’t work out. The tech I talked to said she had “been doing this for 13 years” and that it should be okay. Maybe in a few days we will finally be able to say he or she!

They told me to eat about 30 minutes or so before I go to wake the baby up. I don’t know why I find that a little amusing. But it makes me think of the last ultrasound when the little guy was punching and kicking and squirming around. Sean imitated it later saying the baby was doing kung fu stances because the lady was poking it too much with the ultrasound wand.

So I am really looking forward to Sunday evening, and hoping I don’t feel awful when it is time to go. If we didn’t go to this independent place, it would be at least another month before we could find out because the next doctor-scheduled ultrasound will probably be at 20 weeks (almost 6 weeks from now). We are so impatient! I will be telling this kid all day it better cooperate. I want to know as soon as possible so we can pick out paint and start actually doing stuff. Maybe it is nesting, or maybe it is just my usual desire to hurry up and get things done.

Goodbye, First Trimester!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 14, and the end of the first trimester. It feels like time has gone quickly, but at the same time I have felt every miserable minute. If only the morning sickness had a switch that flipped off with the start the the second trimester. I just keep praying that I am the exception in my family, and that the morning sickness goes away in the next week or two. I am so very tired of feeling like poop.

The most exciting part of entering the second trimester (aside from the lowered risk of miscarriage) is that we will soon be able to find out if it is a boy or girl. We want to do the elective early gender screening, which can be done starting at 15 weeks. I think we are both impatient to know what it is, and so is our family. Even my grandfather called me this weekend to find out if we knew yet, and he NEVER calls me. In fact, I can only think of maybe three other times he has called me in my life, four if you count a time he was calling to talk to someone else and didn’t recognize my voice. Once was something to do with Christmas and he really had his wife call, and the other two times were when I was a teen and he was calling to scold me about something or other.

I wonder if we could get away with going for the gender screening next weekend?! It feels like everything is on hold until we know what it is. We pretty much have the nursery planned out, but we want to paint before buying furniture… and it is hard to choose a color not knowing. I really like the idea of painting the room blue, but Sean says we can’t have a blue room if it is a girl.

The only thing I have bought lately for the baby is diaper bundle that I saw on Zulily. The colors were neutral, so it is okay. I have decided to get a mix of diapers and see what I like best. The easiest thing to do would of course be disposables, but after reading that diapers take 500 years to break down… yeesh. I am no environmentalist, but it makes me want to give biodegradable and cloth diapers a shot. The ones I ordered have biodegradable inserts, and a cloth outer diaper. I don’t really relish the thought of cleaning poopy diapers, so the disposable insert thing seems like it might be the way to go. I am sure we will still use disposables sometimes for convenience, but hopefully the biodegradable insert thing will work out and we won’t end up falling back on disposables completely.