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Week 32

Only 8 weeks left now, give or take. I am still telling her it is perfectly fine with me if she wants to come a couple weeks early. I am just hoping she doesn’t decide to come a couple weeks late… I am already so tired of being pregnant, and I know I am just going to be more and more miserable. It is already becoming increasingly hard to do things, I am not looking forward to finding out how much worse it will be by the end of August. I just want to not feel like crap all the time, not have to work around a belly, not have to pee every 10 minutes, and not have to sleep in a nest of pillows. And I want to wear normal clothes again!

Now that we are coming down to the last couple months, work has been asking me questions about my leave plans. I told my boss I am thinking I will work the last couple weeks from home, go on leave when she is born, and come back three months later. If she comes on time that will mean returning to work at the end of November. The new HR lady (we finally have a real HR person!) is supposed to set up a meeting with me and my boss sometime this week or next week. I don’t know why I am nervous about that. Probably just because I hate being the center of attention, and a meeting with your boss and HR always feels like being called to the principal’s office no matter the reason.

I want to work from home the last couple weeks because I know walking from the parking deck is going to be a pain by then, it is already becoming a pain now actually. Although walking to the deck in the afternoons is somehow worse than walking from it in the mornings. And I seriously do not want to go into labor at work. I know the chances of that cliched movie scene of your water breaking in a huge gush before any other sign of labor is very unlikely to happen, and the whole thing will take a long time (although I am hoping for short and fast!). I am more worried about driving home while having contractions than anything else. I think I start going for weekly appointments at week 36, so I guess I will play it by ear as far as when to start working from home based on what the doctor says at that point. If she says it looks like things might happen early, I will start working for home earlier.

I guess I will have to start thinking about packing a hospital bag soon too! Wow, I’ve really got to start getting ready for reals now. There are still many things to do, and I keep putting them off. I keep thinking that after the baby shower I will fly into “get it done” mode again because I will be feeling the pressure of the deadline more then. We have definitely slacked off in preparations, mostly because we really have done a lot already. I guess it just feels like a lot of the stuff that is left isn’t all that important because it can be done after the birth, like getting closets cleaned and organized. But there are other things that I need to get motivated on… like choosing a baby monitor, figuring out day care, getting our bedroom rearranged to fit the little bassinet we still need to put together, washing blankets and some clothes… things along those lines. Maybe I can get my butt in gear and take care of some of this stuff during our four-day July 4th weekend. Perhaps I can use the extra time to at least get caught up on chores and get our bedroom in order for the bassinet.

Week 31

9 weeks to go! Single digits!

I had an OB appointment Friday and things are still going well. My iron is no longer low, and everything else is measuring as it should be. Next appointment is July 5, which will be 32 weeks. Maybe the two week schedule for appointments will help make the time pass faster. At this point there aren’t really any major milestones to look forward to, just constant growth from this point on. The only things left to accomplish is the 36 week mark, anything after that is considered full term. And then of course delivery.

I guess I can look at the baby shower as a milestone… After that I get to organize stuff, and get things ready… really ready. Not just putting furniture together, but getting baby clothes washed and put away, closets organized, setting up diaper changing supplies, and all that. And we will know better what we still need to get for the baby, so there will be more shopping to do. I was shocked at how much stuff we ended up registering for. There are so many little things we will need. I am not trying to buy everything we will ever need or anything, I just want to make sure we got the stuff we are guaranteed to need in the first week or so covered… like burp cloths, diapers, wipes, and such. We can always go shopping with kiddo to get anything we find out we are missing after she is born.

30 Weeks

Wow, week 30… only 10 weeks to go. Craziness! It feels like I was still in the middle of the second trimester only a couple weeks ago, not at the end of it. I hope the remaining weeks fly by, I am so ready to get on with this having a baby thing. At this point I can just expect to become increasingly more miserable each week, so I am trying to keep a “this isn’t so bad, it could be worse” mentality.

I am walking slower these days, one might could say I am waddling a little, and every time I have to pick something up off the floor Sean laughs at me in the way you would laugh at an injured puppy… that compassionate “awww that’s so sad it’s cute” kind of laugh. And I am definitely starting to feel the extra weight when going up stairs, it is crazy how much difference 15 pounds can make.

Not much new to report really. Still can’t get off my Zofran, and have been feeling a bit more yucky lately in that area (nausea). And of course the third trimester acid issues are not something I need considering I have barely been keeping that under control with Zantac the past three or four months. Some people complain of morning sickness returning in the third trimester, hopefully mine won’t get any worse. Although yesterday I did have another one of those episodes where I was in the middle of eating lunch and suddenly had to dart off to Salsa Fresh’s restroom to throw up. I was so lucky no one was using it, since it was a single stall sort of thing. That makes me nervous to eat out, I really don’t want to throw up in front of a room full of people trying to eat.

Oh, and in case you missed it… we are having a baby shower next month. Sean’s aunt is working on the invitations now, I am curious to see what they look like. We have been banned from helping in any way though. So, this is your last chance, if you want to come make sure we have your latest address.

Registry Woes

I don’t think I posted about this yet…

Saturday night we went to Babies R Us to register. To start, this means a 25 minute or so drive across town to the Triangle Town Center area. It had already been a long day, but we knew we had to get it done so we went out there.

When we arrived, the two employees manning the registry desk were busy with other people. Not a big deal, they were doing their jobs, just a minor annoyance. Eventually a third person showed up and had us sit down, tossing a pad of registration forms on the desk for us to fill out while we waited for someone to be free. The guy that finally sat down with us seemed friendly and helpful enough, going through the little registry guidebook/checklist a little too thoroughly… as in, he flipped through every single page and gave us an overview of each.

Once we finally got away from the instruction session we started scanning our stuff. We were not impressed with their selection or layout at all. The old store format was much better, but I guess it made financial sense for them to combine Toys R Us and Babies R Us… although I think it has definitely hurt the shopping experience.

After over two hours, I was thoroughly exhausted. Sean said I looked too tired and had to go home, so we went to the desk to turn in our scanner… only to find no one there. Sean told me to sit while he went off to scan a couple more nearby items, and to look for an employee. Eventually one showed up and we flagged her down.

This employee seemed friendly, but rushed and somewhat distracted. She seemed more interested in chatting than anything else. Despite a few “good nights” and “good lucks” that seemed like an end to the conversation, she would then start talking to us again as we walked away. So it took even longer to get away from the store.

The next night we logged in to check our registry, as we had a few things we wanted to remove. At first I couldn’t log in with the email and password I had written down in the store, so I had to search for the registry. This is when I discovered they had spelled my maiden name and email address incorrectly. So, once I had the “correct” email address I was able to log in… only to find the registry was completely empty. WTF, Babies R Us?? Walking around their store was a miserable experience by the end, and we wasted at least three hours between driving and scanning stuff. I was hoping it was just a delay in uploading, but here it is Wednesday and it still isn’t there.

I was so frustrated with the whole thing, I told Sean we were going to Buy Buy Baby. So, Tuesday night we trekked over to Morrisville. Luckily I had a nap this time, but that also meant we got there pretty late and only had about an hour to blitz through the store before they closed. Still, the whole process went much more smoothly and we got a lot covered before we ran out of time. We still need to go back and scan some more stuff though.

But… the woes do not end there.

Late Tuesday night I went to the Buy Buy Baby site to see if the registry was there, only to find the site was down for an upgrade. Their site sorely needed an update, so I forgave them and decided to check in the morning. This morning the registry was there… although figuring out how to manage it was a pain. It is not intuitive at all. You give an email and set up a password in the store… but this is not giving you access to it. You have to set up a site account, find the registry section under “My Account” and use the password you created in the store to “import” the registry… but there are no instructions for this at all, you just have to figure it out.

So, I logged in and happily edited our registry list. There were a few things I wanted to remove or change quantities on. I did find some other user experience issues with their site, and a couple bugs, but it is miles better than it was. Since it was their first day with the new site I decided to cut them some slack, hoping they will be fixing them soon.

Is that finally the end of the trouble you ask? Nope. I just now logged in again to check it out, since I was creating that baby shower page… only to find a bug with their site is preventing the list from loading. You just see a message that says “No value found for key : ” where the registry list should be. Hopefully they are aware of the issue and will have it fixed soon. They have already fixed some of the stuff I spotted this morning. So far I think their QA department is pretty crappy though.

This means, as it stands now, we have two failed registries. Frustration!! At least the one I set up for Target seems to be issue-free so far. That one was super easy… I just set it up on their website using a filter to see only in-store items. And theoretically I will be able to use their app on my phone to scan in more stuff if I spot things next time we are in a Target.

Sighs. Hopefully tomorrow the Buy Buy Baby registry will be fixed…

Update: yay they fixed it!!

Week 29

In one more week I will be able to say “thirty” when I talk about weeks. I can’t believe there are only 11 weeks left, maybe even less, hopefully not more. That feeling that time is running out is definitely becoming stronger, I think by next week I might be in a mild panic/nesting mode. When I think “August 27” it seems like there is lots of time left, but whenever I think “11 weeks” I feel the deadline pressing in.

I am also now officially on the every-two-weeks schedule at the OB’s office. Not sure if I already posted about this or not. Pregnancy brain… I can’t remember anything these days. I passed my glucose test last week, and everything else looked good except my iron levels were slightly low. Maybe that is one factor of why I feel so tired all the time, other than the creating life thing. My next appointment will be Friday after next (so 31 weeks), but I am not sure what is on the agenda for that one. Probably more belly measurements and peeing in a cup.

Kiddo has been getting stronger and stronger with her kicks lately, probably because her bones are hardening and she is starting to run out of space. I often see my belly moving, which is kinda strange. And last night while I was trying sleep on my left side, I felt an uncomfortable movement and realized it felt like my belly was being stretched upward toward the ceiling. I felt my belly and sure enough there was a hard lump pushing outward… must have been her butt because it felt larger than a head. So she had managed to wedge herself mostly sideways, but it wasn’t too long before she was squirming away in another direction. That is the first time I was able to actually feel her from the outside like that, it was cool and strange at the same time.

I also picked up a new hobby, guess we will see if I stick with it. I have been thinking about learning to sew for a while now, and finally decided to do it. The push came when I needed yet another pair of pants hemmed last week, and didn’t have time to take them to a tailor. Then this weekend I picked up a couple patterns and some fabric to learn how to actually craft things. I decided to start with a baby quilt and pillow set, since it will probably be easier than trying to make clothing.

It requires both appliqué and sewing. One pillow is rectangular with a hedgehog, and the other is owl shaped. I have decided to start with the rectangular pillow, since it should be the easiest of the three items. Plus it will let me practice for the quilt, which has two squares with the same hedgehog layout. So far it is coming together well, I just hope my ADD brain can stick with it until it is done.

In the process of picking up supplies for it, I found a great little shop nearby: Bernina World of Sewing. The lady that helped us was super friendly and knowledgable. She helped with a few fabric color choices, helped me figure out my cloth sizes (the pattern is kind of dumb), and gave some advice. This pattern required me to find 14 or so different fabrics, and she was very patient and helpful with all of the cutting and estimating of sizes. She also gave me a very nice cutting mat that she had brought to the store; she had replaced her personal mat with a new one and brought the old one to give to someone she thought could use it. And since this was my first project she decided I was worthy of it.

Once I get a little further with the pillow I will try to remember to post a picture. Right now I just have the appliqué fused to the main fabric for the front of the pillow, it still requires stitching and a little embroidery for the hedgehog’s eyes and mouth. I also still need to go find one more fabric to finish off a flower that is on the hedgehog’s “hair.”

I am glad I started with the pillow, as I have learned a few things through small mistakes. Like, always put the ruler on the inside of what you are cutting with a rotary blade… make sure you flip the webbing (used to fuse appliqué) on the correct side when tracing patterns so your stuff is in the right direction… and also that my hedgehog’s body fabric is too light and shows the background, so I might need to go find a different fabric for the hedgehogs on the quilt. I am sure I will learn many more lessons as I progress.

Week 28

Hello, third trimester! Time has gone so quickly… I can’t believe there are only 12 weeks left. Twelve seems like such a small number, but at the same time it still feels like August will take too long to get here. I was telling Sean the other night that I am so ready for it to be time to have this kid, and not just because I am tired of being pregnant (and will only get more and more tired of it from this point on). It is just that we have spent all this time preparing for her, and getting the room and baby gear together. It is like making a plan and then having to wait to put it in action and see how it turned out. That is frustrating for me.

Of course there are still things left to do, and I have been procrastinating. We still need to register; get addresses together for the shower guest list; there is still some stuff in the closet I need to find a home for; and I need to clean out the downstairs coat closet too so we have a place to store the stroller; need to research/find a baby monitor; pick a pediatrician; figure out day care; attend baby classes; and I am sure there are other things we haven’t thought of. And suddenly it feels like we are running out of time.

Really, the only important thing to get done before she arrives is picking the pediatrician though, and probably sorting out day care since there may be a waiting list. And we are already signed up for the baby classes, but I feel like I should go hunt some books or something too. I really did mean to get the registry taken care of yesterday, but the people we sold our old couch set to screwed up our day and we didn’t get to… so it has been pushed to next weekend. (They said they would be here “early” and kept pushing the time back until they finally showed up around 7:30pm)

Ultrasound Pic…


I am only a little late with the promised photo from Monday’s ultrasound session. This is just one of the 33 or so we came home with, but I doubt you want to see all of them posted here! If you do want to see them all though, I put them in a shared Dropbox folder…

Things are still about the same as they have been lately… getting bigger and bigger. Lots of fun aches and pains, and still having bouts of nausea. Another pregnancy thing is that my fingernails are growing faster than ever, and are harder too. So I am not breaking them like I normally do when they get long. They are driving me mad. I want to cut them all off so very badly, but I am trying to hold out until my manicure on Thursday. I am going to tell the manicurist to just cut them all really short. I am so tired of hitting them on the keyboard when I type, and constantly scraping them on touch pads/screens. Not to mention constantly having to clean underneath them! How do people deal with long nails?? Sorry for the random rant…