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Baby has dropped

I had my weekly appointment today, and before she started the doctor asked me if I thought the baby had dropped; I told her I thought the baby had, but as a first timer I couldn’t be sure. Plus when they did the cervix check last week the doctor could feel her head, so I assumed that meant she was pretty low.

So the doctor did the usual measuring and stuff, and also thought the baby had dropped. That means things measure a little smaller (measuring tape on belly from top of uterus to bottom, should equal 1cm per week gestation) because the baby is lower and her head is in my pelvis. The doctor sent me for a quick ultrasound to check fluid levels and things just to make sure she had dropped and nothing else was going on.

The ultrasound doesn’t show much these days because she is so crammed in there. I could see individual bones like a leg, arm, or back of skull… but no real detail or full body shots like before. The only cool part was that you could see her practicing breathing now. So the ultrasound wasn’t as fun as previous ones, but it was good to see she is still in there with all her parts doing what they should.

It was also a bit amusing because when the doctor asked about movement (standard question) I told her she was favoring the left side these days, and the doctor was like “Yeah, I can see the lump” as I laid back on the table. And then the tech asked the same question, to which I told her she was still pretty active even though she was running out of room, and she seemed the get a kick out of feeling the baby squirm around during the scan.

In the end they confirmed that she had dropped and that fluid levels and everything looked good. The tech estimated the weight at 7.1 pounds, and the doctor said that she usually subtracts about a half pound from whatever the ultrasound says. So she is somewhere between about 6.5 and 7 pounds right now, and should be 7 to 8 pounds when she is born. Assuming she doesn’t make an exceptionally late entrance. I think I read that they gain an ounce a day at this point, which would be about a pound if she comes on time.

Not much else new on the baby front. Just still running through things and trying to make sure we have what we need, and figure out what we still need to do. For instance, a couple days ago I realized we should probably stop procrastinating about getting a new camera for taking baby pictures, so Sean and I picked one out last night and placed the order. And we also have a few things on our weekend to do list like getting bags packed (or mostly packed), installing car seats, and rearranging to make space in our bedroom for a bassinet. I also need to try to find time to rearrange my desk a little to make room for working from home the next couple weeks. I have just been working from couches and the kitchen table on my mornings at home, but if I will be there full time I feel like I should dedicate a space to it. Should be a busy weekend!

Week 37

Tomorrow makes 37 weeks… counting down the days at this point. At least now when random people ask the due date I can just say “the 27th” which is slightly less annoying that having to say the month and day. I have noticed a strange pattern though. Usually after the “when are you due” question comes the, “is this your first” question. And when we say yes then they get excited and say “congratulations!”. I guess people don’t really care about subsequent kids.

At least I have still managed to avoid strangers running up to feel my belly… hopefully I can continue that trend for a bit longer. Of course then you have to deal with strangers potentially running up to touch your kid with their germy hands. Apparently that is also a thing, and it is why people with little babies cover their strollers/carriers with a blanket when they go out.

I am still telling her she can come early, and now that we are hitting 37 weeks I can start telling her she can come any time now… no need to wait. Of course there is no sign she will actually come early. At the appointment I had Thursday they did some labs, the usual measurements, a cervix check, and a TDAP vaccination that I am kind of irritated about now. Hopefully this isn’t too much TMI, but the cervix check showed I was less than one centimeter dilated, and the doctor could feel the baby’s head. That means that she is head down (which is good) and that I am nowhere near going into labor. My next appointment will be Friday, which I think will just be more labs and measurements. They won’t do another cervix check until 38 or 39 weeks, which I am happy about… it was kind of painful.

As for why I am irritated about the TDAP shot… they didn’t explain to me what it was. The doctor talked about the pertussis vaccination and didn’t say it was a tetanus shot cocktail that contained the pertussis vaccination. I had a tetanus shot a year or two ago, and it most likely was the TDAP cocktail too… but they didn’t even ask when my last tetanus shot was. They just said I should have the vaccination and didn’t really explain what it was. So now I have a pretty sore arm for no good reason.

Not much else to report really, aside from increased pain in my pelvis and back. I don’t know if it is just due to not taking it easy the past few days or if this is going to be the new norm for me. I have been quilting a lot the last few days, and Saturday we spent the day putting up a wall decal in the baby’s room. The wall decal required a lot of bending, stretching, etc. I will post a picture of it below. So we now have the baby room decorations almost complete… just have one more wall space we have to figure out.


Week 36

We have made it to week 36! Anything after this week is considered full term. Of course the internet still gives you plenty of stories to still have fears right up the the end, but we are almost there. Since today is the 29th, we can officially say there is less than a month left. And in a few days it will be August, and then we are really in the homestretch.

Thursday I will go to the doctor for the 36 week checkup, and then I will be on weekly visits. I kind of hope they say it looks like we will be delivering any day, but I know they won’t. There have been no signs of early labor as of yet, no matter how much I want this kid out. I am fully expecting her to come late, but am hoping for the end of next week. I am so over being pregnant.

Everyone keeps asking me if I am still working, and the answer is yes. I plan to work right up to the end so that I can save all my time off for the baby. Although, I did tell the office I plan to work from home the last week or two. I am thinking the last two weeks for sure at this point; I get more uncomfortable and more short of breath every day. That would mean probably August 12 or so would be when I start working from home full time… only a couple weeks away.

I am conflicted about my time off though. On one hand there is no way I want to leave kiddo in day care early on, but being out of work so long is worrisome. Things move/change so fast at my company, and I have things that I “own” and don’t really want to leave in the hands of others. The three months will probably fly by and I will get use to not being in the middle of things at work, but for now I am wishing I could be in two places at once. The most time I have ever taken off was the month we got married and went to Japan… three months feels very long and very short at same time. Of course, once the baby comes it might change to just feeling too short.

Week 35

5 weeks to go…

I am so tired right now, don’t know if this will be much of a post.

We had our “Preparing for Childbirth” class this weekend. Saturday it started at 8:30 in the morning, so I started out the day pretty tired and was wiped out by the evening. Plus I felt nauseous all day. Sean was also tired and we ended up taking a nap after dinner, which really turned into sleeping until midnight and then waking up and not being able to go to sleep again until hours later. Which in turn kind of screwed up Sunday. Luckily the Sunday class started at 1pm, but the strange sleep schedule from the night before left me again feeling tied and nauseous all day. At least I managed to stay awake the rest of the day.

The class was good, I am glad we signed up for it. They went through everything from progression of labor, to labor positions, to newborn care. It also included a tour of the birthing center, so we know what to expect when we go to check in. Now if we can just remember all that stuff five weeks from now.

Nothing really to report with the baby… she is just getting bigger, and I am getting more uncomfortable, every day. It makes five weeks seem like an awfully long time.


Pregnancy is fun. It is amazing how fast new things pop up. And I could swear the belly get visibly bigger every day. A couple days ago I noticed my left foot was a little sore, then yesterday it really hurt and I knew immediately what it was… plantar fasciitis. The OB confirmed that today, so now I need to go find a night splint. Yay.

I also had a sudden increase in round ligament pain at the same time. It has been so bad that I had to ask the OB today if I was right to assume that it was just ligaments… she said it was and that I basically had to deal with it. Which I knew. The round ligaments are the ones that support your uterus, and mine have apparently gotten to the point now that they are tired of holding up my belly by the end of the day. By the time I go to bed at night it is so bad it is like having a knife in my side, a knife that is being kicked by a baby, and just trying to get my pillow nest arranged is a painful experience.

And of course I still have sacroiliac joint pain too, mostly on the left side. That is the joint where your spine and pelvis connect. It can be painful during the day while walking, usually randomly so that I can never anticipate which step is going to send a jolt of pain thorough my lower back. And at night it is usually bad enough when I get up to pee that I have to hold on to the wall for support during the first few steps… but by the time I make the return trip it is usually okay.

So this means just walking around is now so much fun. My left foot feels like there is a cut deep inside, the left side of my back sporadically has a sharp stabbing pain, and then as the belly gets jostled around there are sharp pains in my side and under the belly.

Have I mentioned that I am so ready to be done with this?? 39 days…

But on the other hand, the doctor was happy with the belly measurement and heartbeat. So that is good news. Kiddo is still being crazy active, and I am pretty sure she is head down now although she does like to squirm around. I go back on Aug 1 for my 36 week visit, and after that I will be on a weekly schedule. That is when the fun of pelvic exams start.. please let them say it looks like she will come early!! I keep telling this kid 37 weeks is long enough, but she is probably stubborn like her parents and will refuse to come until September.

Week 34

6 weeks to go… That sounds really short. And it sounds even shorter when I think about how many weekend days that is, which is when we normally have time to take care of things on our to do list. And it feels even shorter still when I think about how tired I already feel, and how I have less energy every day. Not to mention the belly seems to be getting bigger all the time, which makes it increasingly harder to do things like walking around, bending and moving, and that sort of thing.

This weekend will probably not allow for much free time, we have our “Preparing for Childbirth” class from 8:30-1 on Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday. I have no clue what is up with the scheduling on that. And I haven’t left the house that early since December, so Saturday should be interesting. Don’t they know pregnant women aren’t compatible with mornings? At least I am not. I also have a “Preparing to Breastfeed” class Thursday night at 7pm… at least that one gives me time to eat something between work and the class, unlike the car seat class we had that began at 6pm. So we are definitely in the busy final stretch now.

Yesterday we had a great baby shower. I was surprised at how many people came, I really didn’t expect that many to come. We saw so many people that we have seen far too little of recently. There were even a few people that we haven’t seen in years! We definitely need to make plans to get together with people, at least for dinner or something. It just seems difficult sometimes, with everyone having kids and work and all those things we let get in the way even though we shouldn’t. And of course I haven’t felt like doing much of anything so far this year.

I am so grateful for all of the gifts we received. Anna got everything from clothing to diaper ointment to handmade burp cloths. Every last item will be needed and used for sure. There were way too many gifts to talk about them all here, but we got so many great things that I wish I could! Over the next few days I will sit down and write thank you notes to everyone.

Now is the part where I/we try to figure out what we still need. We got so many things yesterday, but I am not sure how much newborn clothing we have. A lot of the clothes were larger sizes, which is good because we definitely will need things as she grows. I just don’t know how much we have that will fit her in the beginning, and apparently you have to change them a lot as they spit up on themselves or have diaper explosions. I am also a little hesitant to buy a lot of newborn stuff until I know what size she is. She could be little and wear newborn stuff for weeks, or she could be larger and quickly move on to the 0-3 months size. I guess I will just see what we have after I get it all sorted, then buy stuff and leave the tags on just in case. I have a feeling Anna & I will be spending some of my days on maternity leave shopping for baby clothes.

Despite the generous loot, there are still things we need aside from the newborn clothing. I guess we are in store for a shopping spree soon, which sounds fun, but I am kind of dreading it. We did get some generous cash presents and gift cards at the shower, but I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed at what we will probably end up spending. Maybe it won’t be as bad as I think. We still need things like a diaper bag, baby clothes hangers, bottle brushes, some more sheet savers, a baby monitor, bibs, burp cloths, and who knows what else. I guess I will try to just buy the essentials that I know we will need for sure. Other things, like more swaddle blankets (we have two) for instance, can wait until we know more about how we will use things. It is hard though, when you get to the baby store and see all these cute things…

Week 33

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of week 33. Hard to believe there are only seven weeks left now, that is a month and a half. I sure hope it goes quickly, I am even more ready to be done with being pregnant than I was last week. I am tired of being tired all the time, things like rolling over are getting more difficult, and I have been feeling extra crappy lately. Plus the belly is now officially starting to get in the way of things. I hit it a couple times while ironing today (luckily not with the hot part), when I wash my hands I have to make sure the counter is dry because the belly usually ends up sitting on it, and it ends up bumping into pretty much anything else that requires me to be close.

Random strangers are starting to talk to me now, but at least none have tried to feel up my belly yet. Today while we were grocery shopping a random lady stopped mid-conversation with her friend to ask me how I was feeling as I walked past her yawning. I told her I was tired and she said I had a right to be. She then asked when I was due and told me I was carrying the baby well, which Sean says must mean I look pregnant and not just fat.

Still nothing much new going on baby-wise. Had another doctor’s appointment Friday, and everything was still measuring right on track. The baby even kicked the doctor when she was checking the heartbeat. The doctor did offer to put me on a stronger acid medicine than the Zantac I have been taking, but I told her I would wait and see if it got any worse. But the past couple days I have ended up with a burning throat so I might be switching meds soon. Maybe that will help with the increased nausea too.

The next appointment is next Friday, which will be the end of week 34; it will be another boring one where they just do lab work and measure my belly. At 36 weeks I will be switched to weekly appointments, still can’t believe how close that is.

The only other baby-related stuff for the week is that we checked out another baby store today. We went to Sweetbottoms, which is in Raleigh (barely) in the Swift Creek shopping center over at Jones Franklin and Tryon road. It is a store that is mostly focused on cloth diapering, which I want to try. I have been reading about it, and it seems worth giving a shot.

So today I got to go baby shopping for the first time in a while. I liked the store, but the clerk was so very slow. She was nice though, and informative. Just really laid back I guess. We already have some gBaby pocket diapers I got when Zulily had a deal on the newborn bundle, as well as a few GroVia newborn diapers we picked up when Smart Momma was closing. So I didn’t really pick up many diapers today, just one of another brand I wanted to try and then the store had a promotion going on where they gave me a free one-size fits all sort. I did however get plenty of other things… a hanging wet bag (for dirty diapers), some cloth wipes, wipe solution, a travel wet bag, a wipe bag, a stroller caddy that I can use to put drinks or whatever in, a diaper pail bag (same as wet bag really, but meant to line a pail), some cloth diaper laundry detergent, a swaddle blanket with a cute owl pattern, a pacifier, and a couple other things I am forgetting.

The store offers a newborn diaper package where they provide the diaper stash you will need for a newborn for $215, after three months you return them to the store for a $100 store credit. Which means three months of diapers end up costing only $115… which is pretty good considering a new baby goes through 10-16 diapers a day the first three months. This is part of what appeals to me about cloth diapering… cost and less garbage. It just means doing more laundry.

Between the 12 newborn gBaby pocket diapers from the bundle, the 4 or so all-in-ones we have acquired, and the disposables we will probably get at the shower I think we will be fine while we decide wether or not cloth is worthwhile. If we decide we like cloth and need more, we can always pick up a few more diapers or take advantage of the newborn package Sweetbottoms offers. They say you should have 24 diapers in your stash, so I guess the direction we go depends on how many disposables we end up with and how much we like the cloth. And of course we have to take the baby into account. Some may not fit her well, or may irritate her skin. Although it seems most babies that have sensitivities to the disposables do fine in cloth… so with cloth it is more a question of what fits her than what causes fewer rashes/reactions/etc.