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Catching up

Yesterday we had intended to get some things taken care of, like hair cuts, changing my name, and grocery shopping. We ended up lounging around all morning until it was time for our hair appointments… then we got copies of our marriage license, but never went by the social security office. I guess I will try to do that Monday.

After the hair cuts we came back home to grab my diamond wedding band (I have been wearing a more durable plain band while on vacation). I wanted to take the band to Jared’s because I thought it fit too tightly… even though I don’t think Sean believed me. Well, turns out I was right and they had given me a size 4.25 rather than the 5 I had ordered. No wonder I could barely get the thing off my finger! So, looks like I am stuck wearing my plain band until the new one can be made. It makes me a little sad as I really miss my pretty shiny ring.

After that we had our first Moe’s lunch in a month… and then it was off to the theater to catch up on the movies we had missed. There were three movies on our list; Indiana Jones, Speed Racer, and Sex & The City. We headed to Southpoint, and it turned out that our timing aligned with seeing Indiana first… meh. I had expected a so-so movie, but still, I was hoping for a good movie. I never though I would see space ships in Indiana Jones. Even when I saw signs of aliens in the previews I was really hoping it wasn’t true. Overall I guess the movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either.

After that we hopped over to Brier Creek to meet George for Speed Racer. I didn’t have very high hopes for Speed Racer. I was expecting to hate the unrealistic race tracks, bright colors, and pretty much the entire visual style I had seen in the previews. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Speed Racer turned out to be a good movie, one that I actually wouldn’t mind seeing again. They did make a few changes to the story, but I thought it was perfectly acceptable. There was plenty of fan service, but it wasn’t overwhelming or out of place like some of those movies. I was very happy with the movie, and after about 30 minutes I had gotten use to the visual style of the movie and actually began to like it.

It was already 10:30 by the time we got out of Speed Racer, so we will leave Sex & The City for another day. I am really looking forward to that movie, I hope it isn’t disappointing. Sean and I Netflixed the series a few years ago and watched it from start to finish, as neither of us had watched it when it originally aired. I grew surprisingly attached to the characters by the end of the series, and have been needing a little more closure… as I think many fans have. Even Sean is looking forward to the movie. When we first started watching the series he would complain about it, but by season 3 he would sheepishly ask when the next disc was coming in. Maybe we can catch a matinee today!