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We need a montage!

(yes, that is a Team America reference)

We are now officially home owners! Everything went well today. Our final inspection was at noon; the seller had cleaned out the house, and everything seemed to be in working order. The seller even left some pictures and things on the walls for us, which is good since we don’t have any. I am not sure we would have chosen any of the pictures he left… but it is better than blank walls until we find things we want to hang up.

After the inspection we headed to the lawyer’s office and ended up getting there about half an hour early. Not too long after we arrived, our agent arrived as well. It is nice that our agent is always early. So, by the time the seller and his agent showed up a bit past one o’clock we had already signed most of the paperwork. We were out of there about fifteen minutes later! I had expected the closing to take an hour or so from some of the comments I had heard, but it was all very fast and simple.

After the closing we headed back to the house to stock up the fridge for the people helping us move, then headed back to the apartment to meet Sean’s Aunt Lisa. With her help we moved some things over that we didn’t really want going in the moving truck (thanks, Lisa!).

After we had unpacked the vehicles, Dena came over and brought Jack with her. Jack was going nuts! He ran all over the house, up and down the stairs, and all around in the back yard. It looks like he definitely approves of our choice.

Tomorrow, the real fun starts. We have lots of volunteers to help us move to the new house. Its exciting to think this is our last night of apartment life! There is so much to do though… which is why we have decided that we definitely need a montage. I can’t wait until we are done with the moving part!


One Week!

I can’t believe we only have one week left before the move. It feels like we have hardly done any packing, and that is starting to worry me a little bit. I keep trying to tell myself we have done more that it looks like, given the amount of crap we have thrown out over the past couple weeks.

We didn’t get much packed last weekend, and decided we would try to make up for that by packing after work this past week… of course that didn’t happen. Monday we succeeded in packing most of one room… but then Tuesday we were pretty tired after work and I think we managed to get a box or two packed just so we wouldn’t feel bad. Wednesday was my birthday, so we went out to eat… then last night we were again very tired after work, and the martinis didn’t help matters much. I did manage to get a few boxes packed in the living room though. Tonight will also be a waste… Sean is going to meet up with a bunch of old work friends for dinner at Sunset Grille. I think I might stay in and try to get some more packing done though, because I have a feeling it will be almost 9 before he gets back from that… despite his assurances he will be home earlier.

Due to this lack of progress in packing, we will be trying to make up for that this weekend. The goal is to have everything we don’t need on a daily basis packed by Sunday night. I am feeling the pressure to get it done, so maybe we will actually succeed. We already reserved the truck for the 16th, and have several volunteers (thank you!!!) lined up for that day… so we can’t delay the move.

Moving stress aside… we are so excited! In one week we will be in our first house! We are counting down the days, and making plans for what we will do with the house. There are so many things to do once we are in the house, like picking out furniture and finding a paint color we can agree on to cover up the red walls. I can’t wait to start on these things!

We are also constantly day dreaming about using the deck. I really think we bought the deck and got a house as a bonus lol. Grilling out is going to be awesome on our new deck, and we can’t wait to have a cook out with all of our friends!


House update

We just had our house inspection, which seemed to go fairly well. The termite inspector found nothing, which we had expected since the owner has a termite contract. However, the house inspector did find a few things for his report. Nothing too serious though, overall he declared it a very clean inspection.

Most of the things found were minor issues: The fence gates don’t latch properly, the garage door does not stop when it meets resistance, a bathroom fan is very noisy, and the floors upstairs creak a bit. Evidently the floors can easily be fixed with a well placed nail and the garage door just needs some tension thingy adjusted. The only big-ish thing they found was that the air conditioner needs some freon, which I hope is not a sign of impending failure. Hopefully everything will be fixed and in good order by August 15th… we are so eager to move in!

Well, that is about it for house news… not much to report really. With the house inspection done, all there is to do is wait to hear about the appraisal and repairs. I am not sure when we get to do our final walkthrough, I guess sometime just before closing.

Not much planned for this weekend… We will be taking care of two extra dogs. One from Wednesday-Sunday and the other Friday-Tuesday. Should be interesting with three dogs. We don’t plan on fighting crowds for fireworks or going to any parties, we are just going to sit home and try to relax a bit if possible. We don’t have much time left before we will have to start packing.


Another twist!

Well, we were finally starting to get over the loss of the house with the great deck… finding solace in the fact that we would be getting a new house built to our specifications that was much larger, although we would have hardly any yard. We were even supposed to go to the new house site today at 4:30 to sign a contract and submit a deposit. We woke up early this morning and everything, coming to work at 7:30 so we could leave early.

But then, a bit before noon I heard the familiar new mail “ding!” of Mac’s Mail program. It was a one sentence e-mail from the agent that said to give him a call because he had just heard from the seller’s agent on the house we had put an offer on Sunday. Daring to hope, I gave him a call… the sellers weren’t happy with the closing date of the other offer. It turns out they were building a house, and it would not be ready until August.

Our lease is through the end of the year, so no problem there! We can wait as long as they want. That is the handy thing about having a roommate that plans on staying at the same complex… we get to just transfer both him and the lease over to another apartment.

While at work we rushed to fill out another offer form between meetings, and the agent came out to pick up the earnest check… after that we spent all day waiting anxiously for the phone to ring. The call finally came in around 6:30… we got it! We are now officially under contract on a house.

We are so excited! It looks like we are moving a lot sooner than expected. Any volunteers? :) We are scheduled to close August 15… so I guess we better start packing in July. I am not looking forward to that part. At least we should have a couple weeks of overlap on the apartment, it will make moving easier.

Yay! We’re buying a house!


House hunt over?

Today Sean and I both decided we were tired of looking for a house. So, we told agreed that we would look at three more houses and then make our decision. We set up the houses with our agent and then headed out after work.

We both liked first home we saw, but agreed that it was really not worth what they were asking for it. If it had been 20-25k less we probably would have put an offer on it… but it had a tiny kitchen and needed new carpet, plus the deck needed work.

After that we looked at two houses which actually turned out to be the same house with reversed floor plans. The first one we looked at was really nice, but at the top of our price range. It had an awesome back yard with a pool, but the kitchen was a little small and the master closet was too small for us. We still really loved it, and were very tempted to put an offer on it. The other house was not nearly as nice, and we immediately turned it down.

After turning down the last house we went back to the one with the awesome yard for another look. We sat around for a while debating it, and eventually told our agent we would think about it and let him know.

We then went to the incredibly convenient shopping center a few minutes from the house and discussed our options over some frozen custard. Eventually we came to the very difficult decision that the house was just not a good financial decision. Even though we could see ourselves happily living there for many years and the location was great, it would have been at the very top of our price range. Plus on top of the mortgage we would have eventually updated the kitchen and bathrooms, and the pool maintenance would have been one more added expense.

So, as our frozen custard turned into melted goop, we called the agent and told him we wanted to buy the new construction home we found on our first day of looking. We were very lucky because the house we liked was already being built… or at least planned. This means that we get to build a home for the same price as the one (already built) they are selling a couple doors down, maybe even less. And, we get to choose all of the fixtures and options in the home! They even agreed to move the garage over for us so we can have a little more yard. Luckily, we like all of the standard stuff… so we don’t have to spend tons of money on upgrades. We do get $10k worth of upgrades included though, which we will definitely be using for floors and counter tops.

We are anxious and excited. This is such a huge commitment, but we eager to own a home. We can’t wait to hear from the property manager and our agent tomorrow… we want to make the property officially ours. I wonder when we get to the fun part of picking out all of our options… I hope the next 5 months pass quickly!

Disclaimer: the house pictured above is not the elevation we have chosen for our home… while our house will have the same floor plan, the front will look more like this










We choose house #20

I knew it would not be very long after we got back from the honeymoon before we would start looking for our first house. We really wanted to get a house years ago but decided to wait until we were married.

Ever watch the TV show “House Hunters”? It’s a real estate show that follows home buyers and their agents around, with a constant commentary about their price range, preferences, etc… The show will only cover three houses (but we are convinced nobody just looks at three houses) and at the end before the last commercial break they recap and ask, “Which house will the couple choose?” For the past two weekends Robyn and I have been joking and filling in with our own commentary. We choose house #20.

When you mention to family and friends that you’re looking for a house, there’re always ready with helpful advice. I’d like to think we’ve tried to keep the advice in mind while we were house hunting. This was our second weekend of looking at houses. After the 9th house, we found a place that both Robyn and I are in love with. It’s well under what we are qualified for, but has all the features we wanted except for a ping pong room. We are trying not to get too excited in case it does not come together. If it does fall though I’m certain there are more houses out there we would like just as much.

It’s a detached single family home off of Duraleigh Road, a little bit bigger than our current apartment. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 & 1/2 baths, 2 car garage, large deck, and beautiful fenced in back yard. The kitchen has all the upgrades we would have installed if we went with new construction, and the deck just rocks. It will be perfect for grilling out and entertaining.

We talked to our apartment office and they will let us transfer the lease to Wendell, who will have to pick his own apartment. Well, it’s time to get started on some paperwork.


6/16/08 Update:
8:30 There is another bid for the property. Joy…

9:30 We increased our bid, waiting to hear back. Doesn’t sound good. We’re sad.

11:30 Will they ever call us back?? We want to know!

12:30 Yup, we lost it. Oh well.

6/23/08 Update:

I should have added this in sooner… a few days ago they came back and said we got the house after all because of a conflict with the closing date the other buyers wanted. So, we are now under contract! We close August 15.