Catching Up

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. I have been busy with life, work, baby, quilting, etc etc and haven’t really had much time for posting lately. I will try to be better about it, promise!

The quilting update will be quick… since my last post I have completed one more baby quilt (not for Anna) that I will take pictures of and post soon, and I basted (put the top, batting, and backing together but have not quilted) that Yellow Brick Road quilt that has been hanging around since October. I started trying to quilt the Yellow Brick Road, but was having trouble getting it to move well on my new machine. So I have put it aside again temporarily while I await the delivery of my extension table, which should make life easier.

Anna has definitely changed a lot since my last post. She has long since mastered rolling in all directions, and is now working hard on sitting and crawling. Just today she reached the point where she is sitting nearly unassisted, although she can’t actually sit up on her own yet. You can tell she really really wants to, and will lift herself up like she is doing abdominal crunches. Once we help her sit up, she still needs a little support but is doing really well as long as she has a toy to keep her attention. As soon as she gets distracted though, she topples over.

Crawling is also a work in progress. She is lifting up on her hands and knees, with her head up, very well now. She is also rocking back and forth on her knees, which is how they eventually figure out how to gain movement. Sometimes she even manages to scoot both knees forward at the same time, and you can see the frustration when she can’t figure it out. It usually isn’t long before she ends up doing a belly flop or face plant, but she is improving daily. It won’t be long before she figures it out… then our world will definitely change!

Right now she is happy to sit in her Excersaucer or roll around on the floor in her room, but she is already trying to crawl out of our laps when we hold her sometimes. The trouble is that once she makes it off our lap she can’t figure out how to go any further. As soon as she works out the crawling thing, I have a feeling she won’t be happy to stay in the same place for long.

The other new development is that Anna is eating solid foods now. Well, strained pureed baby foods. I just got the feeling she was ready for it, so I decided to try it out and see if she was interested. If she didn’t look like she wanted to eat I was just going to put it aside for a week or two and try again, but after a few spoonfuls she got the hang of it and was opening her mouth for more.

The photos above are her first tastes of food. We started with applesauce, which was actually pretty tasty. I liked it better than some of the applesauces marketed to adults! It was a little tart if you have never had food before though I suspect, and she made some hilarious faces. It might look like she hated it in the photos, but those were just some funny shots of her face as she flashed through about a hundred different expressions from confusion, to shock, to joy while she was eating for the first time.

After a week of feeding her in her little Bumbo chair we decided it was time for a highchair, so now we have yet another piece of baby stuff cluttering up our house. At least we managed to find one that folds up nicely and fits under the counter overhang in the kitchen. The chair also gives her a new place to be entertained since we can stick suction cup toys to the tray… plus apparently the chair straps are super fun to chew on.

I am not sure we can say Anna is actually “eating” yet, at this point it is still just an introduction to different flavors and the act of swallowing foods. There is no real schedule, we just feed her as much as she wants when she seems like she is in a good mood for it. She ends up eating about 2-4 ounces at a time usually, a couple times a day, and seems to be taking to it well. If she stops opening her mouth for the next bite, or looks too cranky, we will stop feeding her since we are trying to make it a positive experience. I am sure she will gradually eat more and more of the solids, and in a few weeks it will probably start being more of an actual meal for her rather than snacks here and there between nursing/taking a bottle.