Catching up

I know, we’re getting slack about posting again. Sorry. We just haven’t had much going on lately, nothing very interesting anyhow. The most exciting things that have happened of late is that we finally got a futon for upstairs, a TV for downstairs, and had our first get together at the house.

The futon (for the upstairs game/guest room) was delivered on the 3rd… we aren’t very happy with the mattress because it is very very firm, but still have no clue what we want to do about it. Maybe we will just deal with it, and get an aerobed or something to put on top for guests. It doesn’t seem to matter as much now that we have the TV downstairs. We got the TV on the same day, and since then I think Sean has been in there a couple times to play Force Unleashed… but that is it. I have been watching TV downstairs or playing WoW so I have kind of been ignoring the mattress problem. Maybe it will fix itself?

The TV is awesome and I am so glad we got it. We hadn’t really planned on buying it so soon, but we found one on clearance at a good price and it worked out well. Mounting it was easier than expected, although Sean and I did have to spend some time thinking about how we would accomplish it and then debating the best solution. So far it seems to be staying where we put it, so I suppose we did a good job. I think it is a bit too high though, as you can see all the cables behind it. Maybe we can come up with some ingenious way to hide that… since I am not sure we will ever be able to get it down to lower the brackets!

We had several friends over for hot dogs and hamburgers on the 4th. Since all of our friends seem to come in twos now, “several” is really like 12 adults, two children, and a baby. I only wish we had more space, there were many others we would have liked to invite.

It was great to finally make use of our deck, since we have been envisioning entertaining since the first time we saw it. The TV was great timing too. It worked out well to have everyone hanging out together to play Rock Band, rather than having to set it up upstairs. I hope everyone had a good time, I know we did.

Well, those are the highlights of the last few weeks. Other than that we have just been doing the usual. I didn’t really have any relevant photos to post, so the above photo is from Saturday. We took our critters to the vet (inside Petsmart) for their check-ups. My kitty doesn’t handle carriers very well, so I just put a harness on her. She usually behaves better than the dog! She just hung out on the bench while we waited, and everyone seemed very impressed and wanted to come meet her.