Busy Busy

I have been keeping pretty busy lately. Between the baby, Christmas shopping, visiting family, and various other mundane things I haven’t had as much time to work on projects as I would like. It seems I have been up until 1:00am way too many nights lately just working on things.

I have nearly completed the gift bags I am making for Christmas (yes I know Christmas is already past, but the family gathering isn’t until the 29th) and I finished the laptop bag I was making. Well, almost. I still haven’t done the binding to pretty up the inside seams, but I will get around to it. I did try to do the binding, but it turned out that the bias tape I picked up was the wrong size and I didn’t feel like cutting my own. I got some larger bias tape yesterday though, so hopefully that will work. Finishing it isn’t a very high priority, the bag looks good from the outside at least. I have been meaning to post photos, but haven’t had time. I will get around to it soon, probably when I post photos of the completed gift bags. And those bags really are nearly complete! I just need to run to Cary Quilting tomorrow (Saturday, 28th) to pick up a little extra fabric because I miscalculated on the drawstrings for a couple bags. Then I will have to finish them since the family gathering is Sunday!

Christmas was pretty awesome this year. I got cool toys, my sister was able to come up, and Anna got to open her first presents. By “open” I really just mean we aimed her at the tissue paper in some gift bags and let her grab hold. I took some photos, but I haven’t even looked at them yet… so add one more thing to my “I need to post that” list.

I would like to report that Anna loved her first Christmas, but unfortunately she was pretty cranky. We did Christmas in three rounds. The first was with Sean’s family on the 22nd, and that went smoothly since we opened all the gifts for her and she was well rested. The second round was near her bedtime on Christmas Eve. She had fun ripping the tissue out of the first couple gift bags, and loved the crinkly soft book my mom gave her… but she quickly melted down and we saved the second half of her gifts for the next day. We again had bad timing and she was getting hungry and tired when we started opening her gifts, and by the end we rushed through the last couple boxes because she was fed up with anything that wasn’t food. She got several new outfits, a few toys, some Christmas ornaments, and a used iPod so that we can play music for her with our old Sound Dock. I think she made out pretty well! Next year should be more fun though, since she should be able to open stuff for real then. She will only be 16 months-ish at that point though, so the real fun probably won’t come until Christmas 2015.