Busy Busy Weekend

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We had a very busy weekend, but a good one. I kind of feel like I need a day off now! We were all on the go all weekend long, with hardly a moment to rest. Saturday usually starts with us taking Anna to Tumble Gym for her weekly 9:00 Tumble Babies class. Well, “class” is a loose term. It is mostly a bunch of under-two year olds running around in various directions while one instructor with far too much energy bounces around trying to lead the activities. Since there is no monthly fee until she turns two, it is totally worth it. Every week we see her confidence improve and it is pretty fun running around with her and all the other kids.

This weekend though, the first Under the Veranda block of the month class was at 10:00 Saturday at Wish Upon a Quilt. Since I wasn’t sure how the timing would go, I skipped Tumble Gym for the first time since she started (August 30), and let her grandma go with her and Sean instead. I was pretty sad about missing Tumble Gym, so maybe in the future I will just drive separately so I can leave a tad early and head straight to my class.

Class was interesting. It was just a lecture, so I felt really weird going to a sewing class without a machine. I got there right on time, sat through my lecture, did a little shopping, and then ran an errand and had lunch before rushing to pack up and head to another sewing class at the same place. That sewing class was pretty fun, although I can’t say I learned much. I did leave with a new pair of pajama pants though.

Then it was back to the house to collect Sean and Anna for some clothes shopping and dinner at Crabtree. Anna scored several adorable new outfits, and a new pair of shoes since she had outgrown all of hers. Man that happens fast. I swear we just bought her shoes with “room to grow” less than two months ago. I know for a fact she got a pair of size 3 sandals the day before her birthday, so that has only been like 5 weeks. Now she is in a size 4 shoe, although we got a size 4.5 so she doesn’t grow out of them by next week.

The new clothes are mostly 18-24 months, which she isn’t quite ready for. But sales were good, and she will fit them soon enough. She can get away with wearing the larger size in dresses, but the shirts and pants are definitely too big. For now anyway. Like I said, give her a week and we might find she has suddenly grown another three inches. I would much rather buy stuff ahead of time so we don’t end up scrambling the next time she suddenly can’t fit any of her clothes.

We stayed out far too late though, an hour past Anna’s 8:00 bed time. She was getting a bit cranky by the time we left, but in all we were proud of her for doing so well and putting up with us keeping her out so late. We normally try to keep her on schedule, but I guess staying up late occasionally shouldn’t be too detrimental. Being out late did not translate into a later morning on Sunday though, so the next morning everything started again at 7:00 as usual. After getting her to bed I was exhausted and was asleep by 10:30… so at least I got a decent night’s sleep.

Sunday was another full, but great, day. Sean had stayed up late the night before, so I let him sleep in a bit while I played with Anna. When he woke up we went out for a family breakfast at First Watch, a new breakfast/brunch/lunch place that opened where the Boston Market on Glenwood Ave use to be. It was awesome! The food was great, and the whole menu looked so good that it was hard to choose. At times the service could have been a little faster, but they were busy and new so we can forgive them that.

Anna especially enjoyed it; she had crayons to play with while we waited and lots of yummy food. It was only the second time she got to play with crayons, and this time she actually figured out how to make marks on the paper.  She seemed to really love the melon in the fruit bowl we ordered for her, and she liked the food we shared from our plates as well. From my plate she had quinoa, chicken, and butternut squash. From Sean’s she had egg, potato, avocado, a little bacon, and maybe some other things I didn’t see. We could tell she enjoyed it, because hardly anything hit the floor! Sean and I enjoyed our meals as well, and we will definitely go back. It may just have to be our new breakfast stop post-Tumble Gym on Saturdays, since Brueggers Caribou Coffee has been unsatisfactory lately.

After that it was a trip to Target for some needed things, plus some crayons for Anna. Then back to the house for Anna’s nap, although she fought that and ended up not having much of one. We were supposed to meet friends at a pumpkin patch at 2, but thanks to Anna’s lack of napping and super cranky awakening, it was more like 2:30 when we got there. That was a lot of fun, and Anna seemed to enjoy it. That kid definitely loves being outdoors, and the weather was perfect. Anna got to see her buddy Logan, play with hay, pick cotton, see goats, go on a hay ride, and walk around the fields. She was great the whole time, with lots of smiles and not a single fussy moment.

After a couple hours of wandering around the pumpkin patch she was exhausted. Once we got in the car I gave her a little snack, and then she was out cold. Our next stop was the grocery store. The poor kid was so tuckered out she barely stirred when I took her out of her car seat, and then she slept on my shoulder most of the time we were shopping. I swear that kid weighs fifty pounds when she is asleep!  So precious though.