Bored While Waiting for My Car

This morning I am feeling grateful for modern technology, and a job/company that allows me to work from pretty much anywhere.

Monday I took my car for an inspection, and was worried the front tires would not pass. I knew they were worn, but had been procrastinating because I didn’t want to spend the money to replace my expensive run flat tires. Especially considering I have less than 15,000 miles on these tires.

But, of course, they failed inspection. Luckily I know someone that works for Tire King, and was able to get a good deal on a set of new tires. They couldn’t get them in until the next day though, and since I had a code release that day I couldn’t miss work. Luckily Sean volunteered to take care of it for me, which was super awesome of him. So he got new tires for me in the morning, and then took it back to the place where it failed inspection in the afternoon.

I thought I was done with the tires, but no such luck. This morning I had just made it out to the main street in my neighborhood when the tire pressure warning light came on. Turns out the Mini tells you which tire is low, so that is pretty handy. The tire only had 12psi air in it, so I wonder if it would have been completely flat if they weren’t run flats.

Anyhow, now I am hanging out at Tire King and being grateful for wifi, laptops, VPN, the fact that my job can be done from just about anywhere, and that I work for a company that treats its employees like adults and therefore has given me a laptop and lets me work remotely if needed. If I was still at my last job I would not be able to work right now, and would be having to make up for lost time later. I won’t get into the last job though, that could turn into a long rant worthy of its own post… but you shouldn’t speak ill of employers past or present so I will shut up now.

Okay, I should get back to work now…