Well I can’t say I haven’t thrown up anymore. So much for that waffle and fruit I had for breakfast. At least I felt better for a little while afterwards. I have been making myself snack on the melon I had left over from breakfast since then so that I won’t have an empty stomach. I don’t want to eat, but I know I should.

At least I am working from the hotel this week. So the trip to the toilet wasn’t far, and I didn’t have to deal with co-workers. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a constant thing. Now I am looking forward to the plane ride home even less. I took the air sick bags from the first flight so I could have them in case of emergency later, the second flight didn’t have any… so I am glad I have the bags in case the flight home doesn’t have them either. I so don’t want to have to throw up in a bag though. Fingers crossed that I can make it home Saturday without throwing up!