Today I am really thinking about finding a new OB again. Of course that isn’t easy. Last time I googled around looking for a change I didn’t find any that sounded better. I am just getting a little fed up with them over this Zofran thing.

I called the pharmacy today to see what was going on with it, and they said they had faxed an authorization request to the doctor for the medicine but hadn’t gotten it back yet. So I called the doctors office to get that sorted out. Or tried to. You end up getting an automated menu and the only options that really let you speak to a live person are Billing and Appointments. And neither of those options can actually help do anything, they just give messages to the OB nurse… who is the person that hasn’t sent the damned form back in the first place. I called and left messages twice, through two different avenues, this morning and still haven’t heard anything. This means that a) I can’t ask for a different med and b) I can’t get my Zofran refilled. What happens if I actually have a problem and need to talk to someone??

Maybe after I announce things to Facebook land someone will have a suggestion for an OB that works with Rex Hospital that is less of a pain in the ass.

As far as an update on how I am feeling today… like poop. Very very tired, queasy, slight headache. I just want to go home and lay down. I jokingly told Sean last night that this kid thing better be awesome or it isn’t getting any siblings. That is just because at this point I feel more sick than pregnant. If I am lucky enough for this yuckiness to pass in the next couple weeks, and I can move on to enjoying things, my mind may change. Otherwise, it might be once I forget how awful I feel right now before I decided to do this again.

I called them back and found out that if you wait through the entire menu it transfers you to a real person. A real person that immediately puts you on hold for no less than 5 minutes, but a real person. That person got things moving for me. They tried to get the prior authorization approved with insurance, but insurance didn’t want to pay for more than 21 pills in 30 days. I have gone through 21 pills in 19 days, and there is no way I can function the next 11 days without meds.

They offered to call in this other medicine that would make me sleepy (like I need to be any sleepier) and had to be taken every 6 hours. They suggested taking it at night because of the sleepy issue. I told them that probably would be pointless since I don’t get sick at night, and don’t usually get sick until I have been awake for an hour or so. Of course when the lady was talking to me I was so damned tired, my inner voice was just half whining/half cursing, “What the hell do they want you to do? Choose 9 or more days you don’t mind throwing up just to save the insurance company some money? Can’t they at least give you a pill a day??”

In the end the lady kept asking me what I wanted to do, and I kept telling her the other stuff was useless if it was going to make me sleepy. She wanted me to come in and see if there was something else, but I really don’t want to go down there two weeks in a row. Eventually I just told the lady I would just pay out of pocket, and called the pharmacy. I get to pay $93 for 12 pills. When I go for the NT screening next week I guess I will ask about other options when I talk to the actual doctor. Maybe I can get something that I can take on weekends or something, and save Zofran for work days.