Back To Work

Those three months sure went by fast. I was lucky enough to eek out an extra week at home due to holidays and such. FMLA only allows you to take 12 weeks, but I got 13 weeks… it was still too short. This country’s maternity/paternity leave policies (or lack of) blow.

I was dreading leaving the baby, but it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would. Yet. I think it is going to get harder and harder the more days I miss. Last night when Sean brought her home I only got to see her a couple hours before she went to sleep for the night. And that is just the beginning of it… next comes missing her first time rolling over or sitting up or any number of other firsts. Not to mention not being able to attend her needs and feed her. And to make matters worse, pumping hasn’t been yielding enough milk for her… so she has had to take more formula as well. I ordered new pump parts, so hopefully once I get some fresh valves it will increase the efficiency of the pump. Or maybe I need to listen to a soundtrack of crying babies and plaster the room with pictures of Anna.

This sucks and I hate it, but we need my paycheck. Oh what I would give to be able to work from home full time! It would be so easy with mom there to nanny… I could feed her whenever she was hungry, spend time with her throughout the day, and have someone there to take care of her so I could focus on work.

Anna and her Nana (Sean’s mom) have been having lots of fun yesterday and today though. Dena is certainly enjoying her time with her, and I am glad to know she is in the care of family and not just another baby at a day care center. I am not sure I could bring myself to leave her at a day care at this stage!

(If you are confused at this point… Sean’s mom is keeping her three days a week until my mother moves up here to be our nanny next month. Sean and I each will work from home one day a week to cover the gap until then)

Work has been going well so far, even though I haven’t really done much actual work yet. I have mostly been getting settled in, and was lucky enough to return at a slow point. So many things have changed at work, which I expected at a fast moving company like ours. The systems have changed, the procedures have changed, our tools have changed, the employees have changed, and even my desk has changed.

Some of the changes have worked in my favor. When I started working from home in the last few weeks before the baby was born, it was right before one of the new hires started. They asked if he could sit at my desk, which was fine with me… I had expected it and packed my desk up in a box before leaving. Because of that, he ended up with my monitor (used as a second screen to my laptop). So, when I got back I just had an empty desk waiting for me… no monitor or anything. While I was out, they also hired a new guy that covers hardware orders. I asked him for a monitor, and noted that several people now had dual displays for their laptops. He said he would get me two, but then I pointed out I couldn’t connect two to my laptop… the new guy that ended up with my monitor was only able to connect two to his because he had a newer laptop. I half-jokingly told the hardware guy I wouldn’t complain if he wanted to order me a new laptop, because mine was slow anyway and I wasn’t so sure my hard drive was as healthy as my Mac said it was. Surprisingly he ordered one for me! So soon I will have a new retina display 13″ Macbook Pro with a solid state drive and two 23″ monitors, as well as a new laptop stand that is better than the one I have now! Woot!