Back in Black

Kid, Cars, Gas, House, Bills. I would prefer not to skimp on #1, so #2 and #3 needed to change so I can keep a #4 over my head while paying #5. Every time I hit the gas pump in the truck it really bothered me how much gas it sucks up. So yeah, the car bug bit me pretty bad and I started justifying all the reasons why a different vehicle would make sense.

I decided to sell the truck and use the equity to get a trash car, and thankfully Robyn talked me out of that. From there we decided to look at smaller economy cars that could still baby. I test drove the Kia Forte 5, Mazda 3, Ford Focus, and a Ford Fiesta ST. The Fiesta ST is a fun, growling little nimble beast of a hot hatch; I would have bought it that day, but with the car seat installed my knees were on the dash. I also looked at the FR-S, but it’s just too small for baby, and sitting in one made me realize that a 2 door sporty car was just not going to cut it. Lots of people make do or even choose to put babies in those cars, but for me it was kinda nice to be over a sports car and feel great about wanting something to haul my lovely family in.

I was not really excited about any of the options I had, and we gravitated back to the Mini dealer sites, where Robyn pointed out a few examples of used Countryman as the back up baby hauler. I drove over to Mini, and after wistfully looking at Hardtops decided a used Countryman was the way to go.

So this happened…


It’s a 2012 S All4 manual 6spd with only 10k miles. A few scratches, but it’s a really tight find. All black… black body with black roof, black wheels, black out lights, and black interior. It is pretty much how I would have configured one out for me in 2012; with the cold weather package, no sunroof, and HID lights. We are pretty satisfied… lower payment, better gas mileage, more warranty, while still keeping one AWD vehicle with the ability to baby. Driving a more driver-focused vehicle again is great! I let Robyn drive it home after she signed the papers and she thanked me for her new car :)