Baby Quilt no. 2

Decided Anna needed a blanket for tummy time that her little feet wouldn’t slip on, like they do with the store-bought mats we have. What a wonderful excuse to make a cute quilt! I picked up the fabric yesterday and started cutting tonight (12/29/13)…

It is really late now so the piecing will start tomorrow. I plan to knock this one out quickly, then finally get back to the Yellow Brick Road quilt. I just need to get the border on that one, then actually quilt it. I have been waiting on my QuiltDesign Creator software before going back to that one though, it is taking forever to get here. It was one of the quilts I did as a learning experience, so I don’t mind experimenting on it.

After that I have two planned to make for Mom, the Flower Patch that is also currently in progress, and one other that I have just because I liked it. So many quilts, so little time. And once I finish all of those, I have a whole binder full of patterns just begging to be next.


(Posted this from the iPad, I will add this to the projects page later)