Avenue Q!

Today we bought tickets to see Avenue Q! We missed the Raleigh showing (in May) because of our honeymoon, so looks like we are headed to Charlotte in a few weeks. The tickets went on sale at 10am today, and by the time I realized it was after 11 most of the good seats were already gone. So we ended up choosing the Sunday show in order to get a decent seat. It is always good to get out of town, even if just for the weekend. I’m really looking forward to it! We have wanted to see Ave Q for years.

The only other exciting news to report is that we started our search for a house today. Our lease isn’t up until December though, so seems a little early to really look seriously. We haven’t decided if we should do new construction or a pre-existing home… if we go new construction it will take probably 4-6 months to build though. So, if that is what we choose to do it is better for us to find the home soon.

We looked at several different locations today, starting in Brier Creek. Since Brier Creek is pretty expensive we were pretty much limited to condos and town homes for new construction, which isn’t ideal, but we were willing to contemplate sacrificing a little in order to live in such a great area.

First, we looked at some new condos, which mercifully had all of the models in one building. That was good, considering we picked a frigging hot day (102!!) to look at houses. The first place we viewed was really nice, but we don’t think it suited us. We then checked out some other town homes, but didn’t care for them either.

After that we headed to Church Rd, off of 54. We were really looking for a neighborhood we had seen online, but the directions given weren’t very good so we first drove around looking at some different neighborhoods, stopping in at one that was very nice… but again not a good fit for us.

After exploring the area we doubled back and found the subdivision we had originally been looking for… or the construction entrance to it anyway. Turns out the main entrance is on Davis Dr, so I guess you could say we took the more adventurous route through the unfinished areas of the subdivision.

The sales lady on duty was very friendly, and much less annoying than the other sales people we dealt with today. We really appreciated the “no pressure” sales approach; unlike the other neighborhoods we visited today she did not tell us constantly about how wonderful every little thing was, nor did she tell us about how much better they were than everywhere else. She simply showed us what we asked for, and answered questions as we asked them.

She showed us four floorplans, leaving out two others because one was much larger than what we needed and she didn’t think I would like the kitchen in the other. The last one with the questionable kitchen was actually the model the sales office was located in, that will be important later in this story.

We had to trudge around in the miserable heat to see the different floorplans, but at least most of them had air conditioning. They didn’t really have models so much as finished houses that were up for sale. This was good to see because the models (with tons of upgrades and “designer features”) are usually not a good example for the price they show you in the pretty brochures.

We immediately fell in love with the first house we saw, so much so that we kept saying “no, we can not choose on the first day!” to each other. So, then we started trying to find faults with what we saw… but all we could really come up with was that the kitchen was a tad small.

The second house we saw just did not compare to the first. It was nice, but did not fit us. So, it was on to the third option. Sean fell in love with the third house from the start I think, more so than the first house. For me, I was torn. The first level was awesome, but I still thought the upstairs of the other was much better. After this third house we were left openly debating the pros and cons of both homes and thought we had a tough decision ahead of us.

From there it was on to the last floor plan, which we liked but agreed it was not for us. To try and solve our debate we then headed back to the first house for another look. After that we thought we had pretty much decided that House #3 was now at the top of our list.

Of course… then we got back to the sales office. And while the sales lady was drawing up some pamphlets and price lists for us we decided we would have a look around the model.

Why did we ever look at any of the others?? The model was perfect! Well, it might cost a little too much… we are still debating that part. But, besides that, we are in love! It is still way too early to make a final decision of course… it is only the first day of our search… but we are smitten. The kitchen was awesome, the bedrooms were perfect, and… the game room!! All of the houses there had a third floor which was basically just a large open area. The others seemed questionable about fitting a pong table because of the position of the stairs, but not this house! The stairs were in a different direction, which left a huge open area.

The only thing we did not like about this house was the lack of a yard… but I think this might be a problem with any new construction. It seems that they build houses as close together as fire code allows these days, which is about 12 feet. This means that if we fenced in the yard for Jack we would be limited to only fencing in one side yard. Depending on the lot this could create a small yard that might work for letting Jack run around a little, but we were hoping for a nice back yard and a deck.

Aside from the yard thing, this house is exactly what we were looking for… we are just debating on the price a bit. It is a little over what we had said we wanted to spend. So for now, the search continues. Although, I think this house has set a pretty high bar for everything we will look at from now on.

Update –

We learned several lessons at Avenue Q:

  1. Is there anyone here it doesn’t suck to be?
  2. If you were gay, it would be okay.
  3. Everyone’s a little bit racist.
  4. The Internet is for porn.
  5. When someone likes you, you get a mix tape.
  6. The more you ruv someone, the more you want to rill them.
  7. Schadenfreude – just look it up.