The above picture is our dog, Jack, after his recent discovery of fire ants. We were doing some yard work last week when we noticed Jack was pawing at his face, once we got ahold of him we didn’t see anything wrong but suspected he had had some ants on his snout…  but as soon as he got them off he went back to playing and seemed fine.

We then headed inside for more house stuff… finally organizing the computer room. In the middle of opening boxes I saw Sean suddenly stop and seize the dog’s face between his hands before exclaiming, “oh, poor buddy!”

There were at least six bites on one side of his upper muzzle alone, but with the swelling and his skin tone it was hard to tell. His nose was slightly swollen, and his jowls/lips were puffy and red. Jack didn’t really seem to care though, as he had been running around wreaking havoc as usual. We immediately ran to Walgreens for benadryl, which seemed to do the trick. The next morning his muzzle seemed back to its usual size.

After that we kind of went to war with the ants in the yard.  We had already put down some Terro traps, but they seemed to have no effect on the larger nest. Sean even knocked down one of their hills, but they just built a huge one in its place. Matt suggested pouring gasoline on their hill… so Sean did that a couple days later and it seems to have worked. I had actually already suggested the gas thing, but then Sean decided I wanted to set fire to the yard or something and wouldn’t do it. Now there is only one small mound of ants… and their days are numbered!

Anyways, that is the most excitement we have had lately. I was preoccupied with a book the last few days and haven’t even played WoW, and Sean has been playing Force Unleashed to pass the time while I neglected him.

This weekend we may go down to Sanford to meet a puppy that Sean’s grandmother got recently. I also really hope we can get around to organizing the garage… the mess in there is starting to drive me nuts. So… looks like yet another exciting weekend for the Millers!