Another twist!

Well, we were finally starting to get over the loss of the house with the great deck… finding solace in the fact that we would be getting a new house built to our specifications that was much larger, although we would have hardly any yard. We were even supposed to go to the new house site today at 4:30 to sign a contract and submit a deposit. We woke up early this morning and everything, coming to work at 7:30 so we could leave early.

But then, a bit before noon I heard the familiar new mail “ding!” of Mac’s Mail program. It was a one sentence e-mail from the agent that said to give him a call because he had just heard from the seller’s agent on the house we had put an offer on Sunday. Daring to hope, I gave him a call… the sellers weren’t happy with the closing date of the other offer. It turns out they were building a house, and it would not be ready until August.

Our lease is through the end of the year, so no problem there! We can wait as long as they want. That is the handy thing about having a roommate that plans on staying at the same complex… we get to just transfer both him and the lease over to another apartment.

While at work we rushed to fill out another offer form between meetings, and the agent came out to pick up the earnest check… after that we spent all day waiting anxiously for the phone to ring. The call finally came in around 6:30… we got it! We are now officially under contract on a house.

We are so excited! It looks like we are moving a lot sooner than expected. Any volunteers? :) We are scheduled to close August 15… so I guess we better start packing in July. I am not looking forward to that part. At least we should have a couple weeks of overlap on the apartment, it will make moving easier.

Yay! We’re buying a house!