Another Quilting Post

I have made more progress on my quilt, and have been thinking about how I want to do the actual quilting. I am now up to 5 completed vertical rows, and have the sixth planned out and pinned together. And my back/pelvis/everything is suffering for it. I look forward to non-pregnant quilting, I am sure the consequences will be much less painful. Of course today I can’t solely blame quilting, because we also spent the day putting up a wall decal in the baby’s room and that meant being on my feet and a lot of bending and moving. At least I hope this pain is just from quilting… I don’t want this to be the new normal!

So, I was watching a few beginner quilting videos on Youtube today, trying to figure out if I want to attempt a new (for me) quilting technique… and Sean has been badgering me to tell him what I wanted for my birthday (I honestly couldn’t think of anything). One video recommended getting a table extension for the sewing machine, which is something I wanted, but didn’t think they made my for machine. Sean was sitting with me watching videos on his own laptop, and at his prompting I did a quick search, then called Bernina to inquire… they have ordered one for me and the birthday present dilemma is solved!

The table is going to be helpful in maneuvering the quilts. The bigger they get, the harder it is to shuffle everything around. It is also going to be very helpful when I start on the actual quilting. I had been thinking I would just do another easy straight stitch (aka “stitch in the ditch” – stitching over existing seams) on this quilt, but I am starting to have braver thoughts about doing some free motion quilting and make some meandering stipple stitches across the quilt. Of course, I will practice on some scrap first to see if I should attempt it on an actual quilt… it is still pretty intimidating, and takes a lot of practice.

I snapped a somewhat better photo than the previous one, it will be the last until I have it at least completely pieced together… no point in constantly posting photos of a growing lattice of fabric, they would all pretty much look the same and there is no way I can get the whole thing in one photo easily.