Anna Updates

Happy Anna



Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Pretty much the same old same old around here right now. There isn’t much new to report with Anna since last month. Her crawling skills have improved, as has her speed. When Anna really wants to get somewhere fast she has developed this strategy of tucking her left leg under, and propelling herself with the right leg. It is totally adorable, especially since anything that catches her fancy enough for such increased speed usually also means she has a huge silly grin and, often, a squeal of delight.

Anna has also learned to clap her hands in the past week, and sometimes when we sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” it even appears as if she knows she is supposed to clap at certain times. But mostly she just claps throughout the whole song, or randomly as things make her excited throughout the day. She has also been trying to imitate the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” hand movements, although she is completely uncoordinated and it looks a lot like clapping. It is so cool that she is starting to do things like this, as it shows she is paying attention to us and learning.

As far as walking, Anna hasn’t quite figured that out yet. She is cruising around (holding on to things) and occasionally standing on her own for a few seconds before falling down. I am perfectly fine with that, as I don’t know if I am quite ready for her to be walking yet. She is growing up so fast! Plus, she is already into absolutely everything and doesn’t want to stay still for a second. Once Anna is walking we are definitely in trouble.

Anna has also just about mastered the “pincer grip” that lets her pick up things with thumb and forefinger.  It started just as her touching things with one finger, and progressed into her figuring out how to pick things up. Which of course means we have to be extra careful about small things on the floor now, since everything goes in her mouth. She still likes to touch things with one finger, which is also super cute. They say that this skill is a sign they are ready to try table food, but Anna doesn’t seem ready for it yet. We have tried a few things, but she gags when she swallows anything that isn’t pureed. I am not overly concerned about that yet, but I will mention it to the doctor when she has her check up at the end of the month. The past few days we have started giving her smooshable food in a mesh feeder, and she seems to really enjoy that. Hopefully it will help her get accustomed to the idea of “chewing” (still no teeth) her food since she has to smash it up to get the food through the mesh. She hasn’t gagged with that so far, even though she has made a few gagging faces with the chunkier baby foods. It is scary when she does that! So we are just trying to take the whole finger food thing slowly, trying not to freak out, and are very seriously thinking about signing up for an infant CPR class. I have read about how to give and infant CPR and how to help a choking infant, but both of us will feel much better after getting some hands on training.