Anna Update & Halloween Prep

This first photo isn’t the best picture of Anna, but see her little teeth? Around her first birthday, the bottom two finally popped through. Those have now been joined by one and a half up top, and a third is trying to pop up on the bottom. Anna has been making use of them too! It is cute to watch her take tiny bites of her graham crackers, and the other day she even had some of her daddy’s apple.

Luckily the teething doesn’t seem to bother her too much. In preparation for sore gums I had bought a few types of oral numbing medicines, but we have yet to use any of them. There have been days where we could tell she was a bit off, and we blamed the teething, but in general she has been her usual happy self.

Anna has also been practicing her artwork. We got her a big pad of blank paper and a box of washable toddler crayons a couple weeks ago. She seems to be getting the hang of making marks now, although sometimes it is still more fun to eat the crayons. I am looking forward to the days when she actually understands the concept of coloring in lines, or drawing pictures. Right now it is mostly banging the crayon on the paper, or scribbling back and forth.

As for me, I have been busy making Anna’s Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume. Per usual, I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to it so I have worked on it a little at a time. I got everything cut for the cape last week, and then spent every spare moment over the weekend stitching it together. Saturday I finished up the cape around midnight, and then started looking at what I wanted to do for her little basket.

My original plan was to make a liner for a basket I picked up at Michael’s… but I had grabbed it without really inspecting the basket, and when I got home I realized it was wobbly and wonky. When I started measuring for the planned liner I discovered the reason it was sitting wonky was because one end of the basket was 1/2″ deeper than the other end, and it was completely uneven on the bottom. For a bit I contemplated forging ahead with the original plan, but then started looking at other options, which lead me to a cute fabric basket tutorial. So, I looted my fabric stash and have that on my work table now… hopefully I will have time to finish it before this weekend!

I will add pictures of Anna in her cape once we get her in costume this weekend… if I can get her to stand still long enough for a photo! I put it on her briefly Sunday, and she had fun flapping the sides while she ran around. It is a little long, but I think it will be okay. Maybe when she is a little older she can still wear it for dress-up.