Anna Sits

And now she is officially sitting up all by herself. Her breakthrough happened Monday, so she has been sitting up for about five days now. I knew she was getting close, but then she suddenly sat up Monday morning while mom and I were sitting in the floor with her. I was looking at my laptop, and only saw it out of the corner of my eye. It wasn’t long before she fell over, and sat up a second time though.

Anna has been getting steadier and steadier at it all week, and now she is pretty stable at it. There are still times when she flops over though, and sometimes that results in her scaring herself or smacking her head on things. I am sure we are getting closer and closer to our first injury, but hopefully she will at least save that for when she is walking.

Since figuring out how to sit she hasn’t really been trying to crawl as much. I am sure it won’t be long before she is back to attempting to crawl, but for now she seems to just want to sit and can’t quite figure out how to un-sit and get back to a crawling position.

This new milestone has also affected her sleep. And our sleep. While she was unable to sit, I could lay her down in her crib when she was still awake and she would drift off pretty quickly (as long as she was super sleepy anyway)… but now she just sits up. And gets mad that she is alone and bored, which leads to fussing. Or, she will sit until she starts to nod off… will then fall over and scare herself awake… then will either be upset or just awake again, and will go back to sitting. I guess this weekend we will have to go shopping for some crib toys she can use to entertain herself, hopefully that will help her settle down at night instead of just being upset that she has been left alone in a crib with nothing to do.