Anna – 10 Months Already

Shopping Buddy

(She kept turning to hold the diaper bag’s handles, so Sean put it in the front with her… seemed to make her happy. I think she is going to be a purse girl.)

It has been a month since my last Anna update, so I thought I should write something. She still isn’t walking, although she has taken a few steps on her own here and there. Her record is four independent steps, but we keep expecting her to just take off and go any day now. Most of the time she just takes a step or two and plops down on her butt though.

We can definitely see a change in Anna’s steps lately, as she cruises around holding on to things. Every day she is becoming more surefooted, and just in the past day or so she has started shuffling her feet a little and keeping her knees bent in an attempt to stay upright when she lets go. You can see the wheels are definitely turning trying to figure out this walking thing, although half the time it seems the ease of dropping down to crawl still wins when there is nothing to hold on to along her chosen path.

Eating real food is now old news for Anna, but she is still limited to soft mushy things. Eating out has become a bit more of an adventure these days, as we are always finding new things to give her from our plates. In some ways eating out is a little easier now because she can occupy herself with finger foods while we eat, rather than us having to spoon feed her and then keep her hands entertained so she doesn’t pull everything off the table. In other ways it is a little harder, as she only seems to get about half the food in her mouth while the rest lands on the floor or in the high chair. Plus we have to be a little cautious about what we feed her since she is just as likely to put it in her mouth as she is to smear it in her hair. Last weekend we did pick up some of those bibs with a pocket to catch food, and that has helped tremendously with the blast radius of dropped food. Still, we have to pick up a pile of tidbits at the end of every meal since we refuse to be those people that leave a massive mess behind. A little mess is okay… we just don’t want it to look like a food fight took place.

Eating at home is also an adventure of course, but it is one that we can have more fun with since it is easy to take her directly to the bath tub. Most days we leave the messy things for dinner, since she gets a bath before bed anyway. However, some times we get a little messy in the mornings too. A couple weeks ago for instance, I gave her some banana for breakfast. An article I had read suggested dusting foods with baby cereal to make them easier to pick up (so they don’t stick to trays or fingers)… so I tried it. At first it seemed to work well, but as soon as she started to get full the bananas became more fun to squish than to carefully put in her mouth, as she had been doing. We were doing pretty good until all of a sudden Anna squished several chunks in both fists, then spread her fingers and wiped it gleefully back and forth on the high chair tray just before she put her open hands to her mouth… smearing it all over her face as she tried to shove the goo in her mouth. And then ran her hands through her hair. I had the thought, “well that escalated quickly.”

At that point there was no going back, so I just let Anna have fun with the rest of the banana until she was full. She did eat more, but by the end she (and the chair) was absolutely covered with squished banana. I called Sean to help clean up; when he saw her he had to laugh, and said he could see why I needed help. Sean graciously took care of cleaning the gooey chair while I took the gooey baby upstairs for a bath. Needless to say, I gave up on that whole dusting with baby cereal idea.

In the past couple weeks she has also started to catch on to “sequences” of events, which has lead to her finally figuring out some of her cause and effect toys like her keyboard and a couple other toys she can bang on to trigger sounds or lights. It may also be helping her figure out her sippy cup as well. For a while we have been giving her a cup off and on with water in it, just to see how she did. She seemed to be getting closer to the concept over the past week, so we started giving her one a little more regularly. Today she did pretty well with it, although she still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of getting it at the right angle for the liquid to reach the spout. As long as the cup is pretty full though, she was having success with it today. Anna has also figured out her snack cup, which has a soft lid with slits in it to keep snacks (mostly) in the cup until she reaches inside for them.

I am sure that by the next time I post an Anna update she will be walking, drinking from her sippy cup, and starting to “use” a spoon to feed herself! I can’t believe she is already 10 months old… It is hard to believe she will be a year old at the end of next month.