Animazement 2010

My Japanese teacher from last semester runs Animazement. So I was recruited to help out. Along the way I was promoted to Jr-Staff or Staff, cause I have both badges in the holder. Anyways, it’s quite different to go at 33 vs 24 vs 19. They all look like kids now, and it’s neat to see them all dressed up in the costumes.

Back in my day – there were no Otaku, we were just a sub category of geeks and nerds. You got to see the same 10 tapes in the corner of the video store and that was it. We didn’t have anime clubs, we had to make them. I’m so glad the next “generation” has lots of Anime to experience and places like these cons to visit and express themselves. I’m not saying we didn’t get to do that in college, but now the con attendance is young, and I saw nearly as many parents chaperoning for kids as I did teenagers and college students.
Anyways, here are photo’s from Saturday of Animazement 2010,