And, Still a Girl

We had our anatomy scan earlier today. They confirmed it is a girl, and she has all her bits and pieces. Everything was looking good. She didn’t really cooperate for the 3D imaging though, so no pretty pictures. The tech said the placenta is attached in the front, on the right side, which made it hard for her to get a good 3D image with the kiddo doing her usual gymnastics. She also said it may make it more difficult for me to feel her move, which probably explains why I have felt more kicks than “flutters.” But everything looked great, all the measurements were good. She is now only 2 days behind the estimates, and they only worry if they are 10 or more days behind.

As for momma… ugh. Yesterday I decided to work from home, since there was going to be a power outage at work while they repaired something on the first floor of the building. They said it would only be out from about 11:30 to 12:30, but I didn’t believe them. As it turned out, they didn’t get everything back up until around 3:30. Anyway… since I was working from home and hadn’t been really sick in over a week I decided to skip my Zofran and see how I did with just the Zantac. The answer? Poorly. I also made the mistake of not eating as early as I should have, which meant I was dry heaving before leaving the house to get lunch… and then by the time Sean got home (waking me up from a nap) I was hanging my head over the toilet. And today I have been suffering the after effects, feeling acidy and nauseous. And did I mention I have been feeling extra exhausted lately? The joys of pregnancy.

Only a few more days to go though, and then I can cross one more week off!