Ah, homeownership…

We have been even busier than usual this past week. As I posted before, we went to Ikea last weekend. Since then we haven’t slowed down. Monday night we cleared out the computer room, Tuesday we primed, Wednesday we painted, Thursday we painted some more, and Friday we assembled our furniture and put the room back together. It is so great to finally have it done! Well, close enough to call it done.

The new furniture and lighter color has really helped this tiny room feel bigger. It is still a bit tight, but not nearly as bad as it was before. There are still a couple small things left to do, like putting up shelves. But that can wait for another day. Or another week preferably. I am ready to just relax and enjoy the work we have done.

The relaxation probably won’t last too long though. I am itching to start our next project. The accent wall around the fireplace is still the red color the previous owner put up. It is really out of place with our furniture and new curtains, so it has to go! We also need to give the neglected yard some attention as soon as it stops raining. And once those things are done maybe we will finally tackle the task of refinishing the deck.