A Long, Long Over Due Update

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Wow, I haven’t posted anything since February! Obviously, a lot has happened since then. Anna is almost two now, and is definitely starting to show it. Over all she is an excellent kid, but she definitely has some “terrible two” moments. Anna is a very independent kid that loves to explore and do new things, so she definitely doesn’t like it when we tell her not to do something!

Lately she is becoming more like a child than a baby. It is exciting to see her grow and learn, but at times I miss the little baby that she was not that long ago. Other times I am very glad that she is becoming a bit more independent! It is pretty cool that she is starting to “help” with things like cleaning and carrying stuff, even though sometimes her help creates more work or undoes the work we just did.

Anna’s vocabulary is growing all the time, with new words every day. There are days that she springs new words on me that I didn’t even know she had figured out, even though sometimes they aren’t always recognizable at first.  When we read stories she often won’t let you turn the page because she wants to point to everything and have you tell her the words; I get the feeling she is absorbing them and one day will suddenly reverse the role and start telling me what everything is all at once. She has also started to figure out that she can use these new powers of speech to communicate her wants.

It started with her doing things like pointing at the closet door and saying “shoes, shoes, shoes” and nodding “yes.” Then she learned the word “please” and her world changed. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that she could string “please” together with something like “help” or “banana” (a-nan-na in Anna speak) and we would give her what she wanted.

This has progressed to her being able to make simple decisions for herself, like requesting which books we read at bed time. At first I would just pick two books she knew the names for and would ask, “Do you want to read Pout Pout or Train?” meaning ‘The Pout Pout Fish’ or ‘The Little Engine That Could’ (her two favorites right now). Anna would respond with “pout pout” or “train” and then we would of course read the one she chose. Now I don’t even have to give her the choice, I just ask what she wants to read and she tells me. If she is silent, it is because she doesn’t know the word for the one she wants. Since she is pretty predictable with her bedtime story requests though, I will then hold a couple up for her and she will point and let me tell her the name of the book so that she can try to repeat it.

We have also recently started swimming lessons, which she seems to really be enjoying. At this stage the lessons are more for us than her, teaching the proper way to hold her in the water in order to teach her to swim. The focus is getting her use to being in the pool, reaching and kicking, knowing how to climb out, floating with a life vest, and things of that nature. So far she hasn’t had any meltdowns and has done really well with the class, even when the teacher uses her to demonstrate something.

Another recent big development for Anna has been a transition to a toddler bed. This is not something I was ready for! I had thought this would be months away, and would be something we would have a little time to prepare for, but Anna had other ideas.

The first time she escaped her crib it was a funny surprise, one minute I could see her in her crib on the monitor’s screen and the next she was just gone. Somehow she had climbed out as quiet as a ninja, and was running gleefully around her bed room. We crossed our fingers hoping it would be a fluke. But then, last week, I woke up to the usual sounds of Anna playing in her crib. Soon, that was replaced by a loud thud followed by screaming. I immediately knew she had fallen out of the crib and didn’t even check the monitor before going to her room. Anna met me at the door, still bawling. Once I had her quieted down and made sure she wasn’t hurt, I told Sean what had happened (he was in the shower when she fell) and we decided it was time to convert the crib.

That night (Wednesday) we went on a hunt for a crib rail and did a hurried toddler proofing of her room, then put her to bed expecting a rough night. It was 11:30 before she finally fell asleep, after tucking her in bed many times it finally ended with me going in one last time and rocking her until she was nearly asleep. Then I put her in bed, and rubbed her back until she finally passed out.

Naps were similar affairs for the next couple days according to mom (she nannies for us), but from the second night on we had no problems with bedtime. Thursday night Anna whined at the door for a few minutes, then climbed in bed on her own and passed out. Other than that, she has just laid in bed and fallen asleep without incident. Over the weekend Sean tired her out so thoroughly both mornings that she fell asleep in no time for her naps. The only blip we have had since then was one night she woke up and cried at the door for a few minutes before putting herself back to bed. It has been a surprisingly easy transition! Maybe that was just because I was fully expecting it to take a week or more of bedtime fights.

That about covers all the news with Anna I think. Right now we are trying to decide what to do for her birthday party! Time really does fly, I can’t believe she will be two years old next month.

(and if you are interested in my sewing, remember I now have Hoops & Thimbles for that. One of these days I will get around to removing the old sewing content here… maybe.)