First Ultrasound!


We went in for the first ultrasound this morning. The appointment was at 9:00, but due to weather the office opened late and they somehow forgot to tell people this. So we got there and had to wait an hour. The doctor and staff seemed irritated that their office manager failed to alert people, so hopefully things like this won’t happen again. Other than that it all went well though.

The heartbeat was strong, and it measured just right for 8 weeks. I wish you could see more from these early ultrasounds, but it pretty much looks like a little blob. Sean and I both agreed that while it was nice to see the heart beating and to know it was doing okay in there, it was a bit underwhelming over all. I think we are both really wanting to see the ultrasounds where it is actually identifiable as a baby. The next ultrasound is scheduled for Feb 14, that one should be a prettier picture.

In other pregnancy news, I got Zofran yesterday. Today is my first day taking it. I think it might be making me feel more tired than usual, but I didn’t throw up today. And I have only been a little nauseous, so I would say it is working. Although right now all I want to do is take a nap!