9 Weeks

Today is the first day of week 9. This means the embryo is now officially a fetus. And I am more exhausted than ever. I thought that once you got past the hump of making the placenta and all the bits and pieces that the exhaustion would ease up, not get worse! Sunday I could barely pull myself out of bed. In fact I got up, did a few things around the house, and then crawled back in bed for a few hours around midday. And I was still exhausted. Maybe it is the Zofran. I think fatigue is one of the side effects listed for it. But at least I am not throwing up every day and being held prisoner by the nausea anymore. I do still have some nausea, but not like before the Zofran. Aside from the weariness the worst symptom now is a constant acid reflux. Yay.

We still aren’t posting on Facebook… maybe in three weeks, after the second ultrasound. That will be entering the second trimester, and the ultrasound should show us a picture that actually looks like a baby instead of the tiny blob the first one showed.