Vacation = Mini & Dentist

Yesterday I took my first vacation day at work. What awesome things did I do, you ask? I took my car for service and went to the dentist for a crown and two fillings.

My car was telling me service was due in 800 miles, so I made an appointment. While I was there I told them about a minor oil leak on the right side of the engine. I also told them to check my brakes, since I saw a groove in one of the rotors… to which I was told my Mini was calling for front brakes, and they were just going to replace those while they had it. Turns out my standard maintenance plan not only covers oil changes, but brakes and wipers and such too. So that was cool and unexpected. Sean was a little disappointed though I think, because when we saw the grooves he was having visions of installing fancy new rotors and ceramic brake pads.

After sitting at Mini for an hour or so they came out and said, “We’re going to keep your car and give you a loaner.” The oil leak was caused by a “cylanoid” (which I took to mean solenoid) although they didn’t tell me which… I am assuming the oil pump but I wasn’t in a question asking mood. They fixed me up with a Countryman S and sent me on my way. At least Mini usually is good about loaners like that, but I am wondering exactly how long past the warranty period I want to keep it!

After killing some time at Triangle Town I headed over to my new dentist, located at Six Forks & Sawmill. If anyone is shopping for a new dentist, I think I like this one. Although I sorta feel like a kid when I am there because they keep over-explaining things as though they think I am scared of them, and are constantly telling me what a good job I am doing. This is the first dentist (or doctor of any kind) that has ever called me personally, let alone called me before my initial appointment to welcome me to the practice and see if I had questions. And then after the first visit they sent me a hand-written card.

When I got there yesterday I had to wait a little bit, which isn’t unusual. But once they got me in the chair things went really fast. Old dentists always seemed to plop me in the chair, make me wait, then come shoot me up with Novocain, make me wait, come back see if I needed more, then make me wait… I assume they were juggling multiple patients. But this one listened to me when I said I usually needed extra Novocain, gave me the shots and stayed in the room and started a few minutes later when the numbing started to take effect. I was also happy that she didn’t wedge one of those things between my teeth to keep my mouth open, which always kills my jaw. It went really well, and I was out of the office in under two hours. Plus, they provided sunglasses to help with the light and gave me a smoothie on the way out the door.

This is my forth crown (although only the second currently in my mouth) and it was the best experience so far. Today I have a sore gum and a sensitive (to hot/cold) area around the temporary crown, but it is much less painful than some other dental trips. The first was actually a silver “cap” that was on a baby tooth… that one sucked because the dentist basically made me shove it on my self by biting, and it hurt quite a bit as it burrowed into my gum. The other two crowns were for the adult version of the same molar, the first crown broke so I am on the second one there. With the first one though, the dentist trimmed the gum around it which was super painful after the numbness wore off. The last crown wasn’t bad at all, but it was just a replacement so it doesn’t count really.