I must be hungry, this is all about food

Today I went to Foster’s Market for lunch. Now I am wondering why I have never been there before, despite having known about this place for nearly 5 years. I had the most awesome sandwich… avocado, bacon, baby spinach, herbed cream cheese, and a little basil mayo on sunflower bread. It was so wonderful that I might just have to start venturing outside the downtown area for lunch at least once a week from now on.

And, while I was there, I spotted a poster advertising their “Family Meals.” It is one of those programs where you get 5 pre-made meals to reheat throughout the week. I checked out the menu on their site… not all of the weekly menus look appealing, but the one for next week does. I discussed it with Sean and I think we are going to give it a try as an experiment. If it works out, it will be nice on the weeks we like their menu. It would save us money grocery-wise, and it would also be convenient since I get home later these days thanks to my new commute.

Well, for a follow up to my last post… my fig preserves were a complete failure. The figs I got at the farmers market were already too soft and mushy after only one day, and some were even fuzzy. I wasn’t very happy with that, and had to throw out quite a few. And then they burned… I should know better than to trust this book’s cooking times by now. I never get the same results the recipes call for if I rely on the author’s times, but if I adjust the recipe they are normally great. I didn’t really adjust this time, even though I knew I should have. Oh well. Maybe I will try it again later if I get motivated.

My blackberry and blueberry jellies came out pretty well though. I am pleased, because I didn’t actually have a recipe for the blueberry… I just winged it. I think next time I can even try it with less sugar, but next time will probably be next year. I think I have enough jelly for quite a while.

That leaves my peaches. Some of those were kinda gross too, so I tossed them last night. Hopefully it comes out well. I am hoping it is good enough to put in oatmeal, or maybe yogurt. For the past week I have been trying to bring (steel cut) oatmeal in to work, and am getting a little tired of the brown sugar and cinnamon I have stashed in my desk drawer.

I am wondering I can start a format where I list things I have learned since the last post…

Things I have learned:

  • If a baby is exposed to a foreign language that sounds different from their native language, between the age of 8-10 months, it affects the language center of their brain and will make it easier for them to learn that language later in life. The catch? It must be a real person speaking, not a recording.
  • Steel cut oats contain a lot of fiber and will keep you full for quite a while, but any “quick” oats have had the fiber stripped away are basically the same as white rice at that point, they will cause your blood sugar to spike and then dip after maybe an hour which will leave you hungry again
  • Cinnamon helps control blood sugar levels (helps avoid that dip that makes you hungry)
  • Doctor Radio on SiriusXM repeats a lot of programming (hence the previous things I learned)
  • Don’t put fingers near the edge of a steam juicer lid when it is steaming (ouch)
  • You can test pectin content in fruit juice by mixing it equal parts with grain alcohol
  • And some work stuff no one will care about