House update

We just had our house inspection, which seemed to go fairly well. The termite inspector found nothing, which we had expected since the owner has a termite contract. However, the house inspector did find a few things for his report. Nothing too serious though, overall he declared it a very clean inspection.

Most of the things found were minor issues: The fence gates don’t latch properly, the garage door does not stop when it meets resistance, a bathroom fan is very noisy, and the floors upstairs creak a bit. Evidently the floors can easily be fixed with a well placed nail and the garage door just needs some tension thingy adjusted. The only big-ish thing they found was that the air conditioner needs some freon, which I hope is not a sign of impending failure. Hopefully everything will be fixed and in good order by August 15th… we are so eager to move in!

Well, that is about it for house news… not much to report really. With the house inspection done, all there is to do is wait to hear about the appraisal and repairs. I am not sure when we get to do our final walkthrough, I guess sometime just before closing.

Not much planned for this weekend… We will be taking care of two extra dogs. One from Wednesday-Sunday and the other Friday-Tuesday. Should be interesting with three dogs. We don’t plan on fighting crowds for fireworks or going to any parties, we are just going to sit home and try to relax a bit if possible. We don’t have much time left before we will have to start packing.