6 Weeks

Today is the first day of week six. It is still way way early, but we are thinking about the coming months and making plans. Well, making plans as best we can as first timers. Someone asked me if I was overwhelmed yet, but I really am not. Planning is totally my thing, I love planning. The only thing that is slightly overwhelming is all the nutrition stuff.

WhatToExpect.com – 6 Weeks

I have been taking a prenatal vitamin since right after Thanksgiving, it is one the doctor prescribed to me. Walgreens no longer carried the first one the doc ordered, so this is the second choice I guess. Since it was doctor directed I have been tooling along all confident that it was a good one, but then I started reading. The vitamin she gave me totally lacks several of the vitamins that I’ve read are really important! ugh! So I picked up the One-A-Day (which is actually two a day and I find that amusing) Prenatal the other day, but then I see that it has one in it that I am confused about. What I read said that I need Niacin, but if my protein is adequate then my Niacin intake is adequate and supplementation is not recommended. So confusing!! I guess I will wait to start taking that one until my doctor visit Friday. I will ask about it… although I am not sure I actually get to see the doctor on that visit.

My symptoms are still pretty light, which I am grateful for. I truly hope this continues, but I don’t really have any belief it will. So far I have just been tired, kinda crampy, and a little nauseous. And of course there are the sore boobs and the constant need to pee. Everything I read says to sleep more, which hasn’t been hard. I have been off work since Dec 21, which has made it easier to sleep in… I just worry about when I go back to work and have to start trying to go to bed early. I also worry that the incessant vomiting will strike when I have to be in the office all day.

Other than work and nutrition, the only stressful thing is what to do about my Mini. I love my car, but I am coming to terms with having to give it up. We tried car seats in it, and now I have to face reality. While the Orbit stroller fits easily in the trunk, and car seats seem to fit in the back, the passenger seat has to scoot so far forward that the passenger’s knees are too close to the dash. And trying to lift car seat + baby in and out of the back is going to be a struggle as the baby grows. Not to mention it is probably going to be difficult for me to get out of the car in a few months.

This means I have some decisions to make. Put up with the Mini and just make Sean drive (since I am shorter) until it becomes too much of a pain in the ass? Take advantage of the end of the year sales to pick up a new car? Enjoy the little time I have left with my Mini while we make some more payments on it, then sell this summer? To make it worse, we are upside down on it. Why did I ever give up my Rav4?