39 Weeks

39… wow… so close now. And I am definitely ready, even if it seems kiddo isn’t. As I said in my post from Friday, I am 2cm at most. At least it isn’t 0 I suppose. Hopefully by my Thursday appointment things will have progressed more. Or maybe labor could start any day now…

Right now I am pretty miserable. Just walking up the stairs, or doing some light chores, leaves me out of breath. And this kid seems to be punching me in the cervix, which is somewhat painful. And the pelvic/sacroiliac pain is even worse now. Maybe I over did it yesterday by walking around for an hour or so, but today I have felt like I could barely move without wincing in pain. Needless to say I have sat around doing a lot of nothing today. Sean was great though, he did a lot of cleaning up for me while I mostly just sat/laid around and directed him. I felt bad about it, but I really couldn’t help. At least the plantar fasciitis seems to have gotten a lot better now that I am not going in to the office. So that is one less thing to hurt with every step.

We are ready though, at least we think we are. We got some more things on the dwindling to-do list taken care of today… the bassinet is in our bedroom, most of the baby laundry is done, and the car seat is in my car. I think that just leaves packing the bag for the hospital stay, which I have put a few things in already. I am not too worried about that since we live so close to the hospital (easy fetching distance), and I am sure I will have plenty of time to pack when I go into labor. Everything else is just little stuff that can be done after she is here.