30 Weeks

Wow, week 30… only 10 weeks to go. Craziness! It feels like I was still in the middle of the second trimester only a couple weeks ago, not at the end of it. I hope the remaining weeks fly by, I am so ready to get on with this having a baby thing. At this point I can just expect to become increasingly more miserable each week, so I am trying to keep a “this isn’t so bad, it could be worse” mentality.

I am walking slower these days, one might could say I am waddling a little, and every time I have to pick something up off the floor Sean laughs at me in the way you would laugh at an injured puppy… that compassionate “awww that’s so sad it’s cute” kind of laugh. And I am definitely starting to feel the extra weight when going up stairs, it is crazy how much difference 15 pounds can make.

Not much new to report really. Still can’t get off my Zofran, and have been feeling a bit more yucky lately in that area (nausea). And of course the third trimester acid issues are not something I need considering I have barely been keeping that under control with Zantac the past three or four months. Some people complain of morning sickness returning in the third trimester, hopefully mine won’t get any worse. Although yesterday I did have another one of those episodes where I was in the middle of eating lunch and suddenly had to dart off to Salsa Fresh’s restroom to throw up. I was so lucky no one was using it, since it was a single stall sort of thing. That makes me nervous to eat out, I really don’t want to throw up in front of a room full of people trying to eat.

Oh, and in case you missed it… we are having a baby shower next month. Sean’s aunt is working on the invitations now, I am curious to see what they look like. We have been banned from helping in any way though. So, this is your last chance, if you want to come make sure we have your latest address.